Monday, April 09, 2007

Sya is Six

Isn't it too fast? She turned six yesterday, 8th April.

A few weeks before she turn six, her two bottom front wriggled. Two days, we saw a permanent teeth jutting out already not alligned behind her still wriggling baby teeth. I took her to the dentist and have her two little baby teeth pulled out. She cried. I haven't seen her crying in pain since last one and a half year, when they needed her blood for our visa here.

I realised, it still breaks my heart. She is a big girl and yet still my baby.

Let me see what to tell about her. First of all she is really catching up in school. Her teacher pulled me out one day and pointed out that she likes to write her own story using her phonics sound which sometimes does not make sense, but laudable.

Some of the classmate's parents keep telling me that she is a very confident girl. She also makes wonderful drawings which is usually different and would stand out most. Funny..I have never really seen it.

I talked to her ustazah asking about her progress. her Ustazah is Indonesian. I wanted to explain to her that Sya still couldn't write very well. I was also worried about her in class because each time I ask what did she learn in Fardhu Ain, she would say, nothing. I don't understand her, she said. Her Ustazah, however, told me that Sya is very active and would ask her what certain words mean, and would tell some noisy kids off. I was excited and by the end of the conversation I promised I would do some read aloud using Islamic books of sort to the kids before class ends. Tolooonggg, I don't have most of my good books.

Sya adores all of us. her brothers, her father and me..but she draws me most. He he. Always with I love you mum. She likes pink. She likes furry stuff. She likes girly stuff. She likes to play baby with her dollies and Zachary. She can play tic tac toe. She is soft spoken and very manja. Despite that she has a strong character without being demeaning.

OhMyGod! I love her so much.

And here she is with a fringe and a chocolate mess on her six year old face.

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k.d said...

Happy 6th birthday Sya. Sedap tak kek tu? What did you get for a present? Is it a box full of colours and scrap papers...for you to draw Mummy?

My girl 6 this July...time do flies...

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

Macam muka mak dia lah!!!


KakNi said...

Betoikah itu semacam muka mak dia? Kalau macam tu aku memang teringin nak jumpa mak dia.

Hepi Besday sayang Sya!

Nana said...

happy birthday sya!

HEMY said...

she's gorgeous kak lollie..cop bole?wahaha!!

Anonymous said...

:) pakcik uncle pun wish Sya happiest of birthday....dah six ye...comey dan makin terserlah keayuan anak dara mama ...hehehehe

memang mama nya pun lawa!

pakcik uncle

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to sweet Sya!

Lollies said...

doc - err tak tau nak beli apa. nak gi kedai ni. he he

hansac - pandailah awak merekacipta kesimpulan. jumpa pun belum. cepat mari sini. sila bawak ikan bilis dan cili kering untuk saya.

ah ni - kalau tak ko tak mo jumpa ke? hu hu hu

nana - thanks nana

anul - eh takleh awak ada gilplen. pastu by the time she is 25 you are like ancient oredi. :P

id - sekejap aje six kan?

toad - thank you. :D

m.u.l.a.n said...

happy belated birthday sya..

ibu kasi hadiah apa??

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

Nak kena tunggu 25 ke baru bulih nikah?

By that time I will be 56.

Halley said...

Happy Birthday Shya....

Jo Kontan said...

Happy Birthday Sya.

erk ! Se baya dengan Arip rupernyaa..

dlt said...

Happy Birthday Sya. Dah nak jadik anak dara dah ur doter. hehe! siap ler nanti citer pasal bf lak. lagi la mummy nye sedih.

Helena said...

cutenya.... happy birthday Sya!

silversarina said...

Happy Birthday SYA !!!
comel and active...bagus :D

Anonymous said...

woh dah 6 tawun. so fast. happy birthday batrisya!!!!

simah said...

happy 6th birthday sya! she looks like she will be one wonderful heartbreaker one day.. :0)

anggerik merah said...

happy 6th birthday to Sya. She is a big girl and a very beautiful one!

One BIG huggg for Sya frm untie AM...

maklang said...

comeinya sya..happy birthday

Lollies said...

mulan - ibunya tak sempat beli hadiah lagi. ada guests datang.

hansac - errkkkssss :P

halley - wehei thanks babe

TJ - sebaya ya?

dlt - oh tidak. sedih lak

helena - thanks

rina - dan manja terlampau

wan - sangat cepat ek?

simah - jangan nakal-nakal tau sya. heh heh

AM - i still think she is a baby. hu hu

mak lang - timakashih mak lang

Kak Elle said...

Not too late kan....happy 6th birthday to sya...she is cute!

cikdinz said...

hepi besday to tak makan kek tuh.

seronok dpat tengok anak membesar depan mata. tapi kejap je jadik baby kan...tak seronok lak rasa nye.

NorAiniJ said...

Happy belated 6th BDay to Sya!!!

Mama Rock said...

ooops, i missed the boat. happy belated birthday sya!