Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This is like a date!

The two weeks spring break are nearly over for my kids. Soon they will get back to their routine of sleeping early and waking up early. No more watching heroes for them too. Nyeh nyeh.

Batrisyia had a longer break. her school took one week off to facilitate them moving to a different location. And as usual, I let her watch TV to her heart content. Play the computer games as much as she wants, without either her brothers wanting the computer too. She had to follow where I go as well. i took her to my arabic and tajweed class. I took her to a morning coffee at one of the ladies' house. Psst I made tiramisu.

On the last day of her break, before the other two boys break loose in the house, I decided to give Sya a treat. After sending Jack to school, I took her for breakfast. Not in any shop but in a nice fancy restaurant. And just my luck they have kids meal there. He he. Lasagna with one cupcake and two pieces garlic bread on baguette and a box of juice for QR10.

Oh was she happy. She just realise that she could have me all for herself. No jackjack all over me. No abang stealing all the conversation. No ayah who talks to me all the time. Hmm its amazing how i can handle all these attention seekers at one time. How I do it? Well you mothers should know it by now.

Then we went to have her hair cut, which was very much needed. And we cherried the day with a little shopping for her. Ada sale mothercare!! We went through the normal process. She chose. I scrutinise. Fitting room. Size changing. testing. Twirling and all those things.

It was a girly day indeed.

She said to me, it is just the two of us today. It is like a date!

I just realise we have never done this before. me and her. I did it with Haziq before she came along. I am always with Jack, but never really with her. The two of us.

Sya, my only daughter. My middle child.

A mother should have mother-daughter day more often I think.

Oh! We did those digital scrap booking. I'm printing it so she can scribble something and we'll have it bind in colourful ribbons and she can paste stickers and loves and whatever she likes. Syioklah!

sya sya


Ummi said...

That was sweet! Wahtever you just said I am 100% with you. Yes I agree mom should have a date which each one of their kids separately. That's the time you can dig secret about their siblings without you asking them..everything will be on the table..ha ha ha..

-akuni- said...

Best nyer kalau dapat date dan DAPAT SHOPPING SEKALIGUS!

Very sweet la you and Sya....

Lollies said...

ummi - he he. and ada lebih bonding gitu ek?

akuni - hahahaha. tapi ini jarang2 berlaku. terutamanya shopping.

Greg said...

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ninuk said...

sweet. when i feel like having this mother-daughter time, i steal my niece for girly shopping moments. boleh le buat setahun sekali gitu.

mom-of-three said...

I think that it's a combination of 2nd child syndrome & girl-thingy to do. I always have a feeling that I somehow or other neglect my 2nd one more than the 3rd & 1st one, The 1st one, of course le, being the 1st, have her time before the other 2 arrive and the 3rd one, being the 'baby' in the family, up until now has all the attention.. so leaving the 2nd one ?!?

Neeza Shahril said...

I have 2 daughters in a row. Memang they are jealous of each other sometines. I have to be fair.. fair?? how fair am I? susah nak cakap. Asalkan I boleh make both happy okaylah kot.. that's why bila nak beli anything, kena selalu sama. kalau beza pun, sikit2 and its only the color. Ramai yang ingat they're twins.. padahal muka lain rasanya.. hehee.

Verignac said...

U bawa Sya breakfast kat mana yek? I pun nak pi gak la tempat tuh hehhehe cam menarik jek

Lollies said...

wei. i thought i have replied to these comments

greg - wow. that is an honour indeed. i will check out your site and think what can i submit

ninuk - hehe siap pinjam anak orang tu.

mom-of-three - spot on! she is always the one who had to give in (sort of). no wonder the middle child has a lot to fight about.

neeza - tapi ada ramai daughters ni best kan. nak nak bila dah besar nanti. ramai nak kecohkan dapur.

verignac - i pergi Eli France the one kat city centre. tapi adult food dia taklah best sangat. mahallak tu. i tried the adults burger. hmm better ambik yang superkid punya kot. lebih kurang sama aje for lesser price.

Verignac said...

ooo ok. I pernah try yg kat Jarir bookstore. Love the breakfast steak dia....hehehheh quite heavy but this preggy lady loves it so much :p tak pernah try lak kids nye meal for breakfast. Maybe one day la.Thanks for the info.