Saturday, June 09, 2007

Looky Who is Three

Looky Looky
Who is three
Why, of course
It is Zachary!!

JackJack turned three last 7th June. We didn't do much. Someone invited us over to his house and I thought why not buy a good cake and let him blow candles there. That is after all Jack's favourite house to go to. Apparently JacJack has a good new friend there. A cute little Ah Moi fondly known as LoiLoi. Both of them are inseparable. LoiLoi would happily pull JackJack to her daddy's room to play computer. The adults are well too amused with all these. the men all patting JackJack's back saying waaahh JackJack pandai pilih amoi. Here are some photos on that night Main 400.

I just realised that he is the only one who has never played with jigsaw puzzle. They are expensive here. But I bought one for his 3rd birthday. He likes them. Malasnya nak layan pulak.

Keeping my own tradition, I will jot down Jack's progress so when I am old and he is older, we can all look back and remember what he is like at three years old.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHe can count to 12.
He knows some alphabets because he likes to ask. I know he knows A, O and X.
He loves me reading to him.
He loves akak reading to him.
He loves ayah reading to him.
He loves abang playing with him. Especially pretend king fu.
He likes to converse only with us not with other adult. He would talk and talk and insert his increasing vocabularies.
He thinks he is making jokes.
Sometimes when I ask something, he would purposely answer differently than I expect and laugh.
He sleeps most of the time when I pick up the kids and can amazingly continue sleeping even when I have to carry him in the hot sun from the car in the dusty sand, open the gate, open the door and tumble on his bed.
He has his own bed now, which is next to mine.
He likes to wear good clothes.
Long sleeves to him is baju pwer rangers.
Jeans is big seluar.
He wants baju power rangers and big seluar.
Someone told me he is always smiling. he looks so sweet.
He is an easy boy to handle.
He doesn't htrow tantrums.
He doesn't cry much.
He doen't hit other kids.
He bosses his siblings though.
The bigger boys like to play with him.
Some uncles adore him greatly. One call himself atok.
He is a lucky boy. He can kick his abang and tease his sister, and they all still adore him.
He likes to follow us pray. Only for a while and climb up on his dad prostrating and sit on his lap during tahyat akhir. He loves prostrating though. And when he does tahyat akhir, he would tilt his head to the side trying to imitate us.
He is till drinking my milk.
He is a charming boy and I am so lembik with him.

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UglyButAdorable said...

happy birthday jack jack..may u grow up to be a wonderful man to ibu n ayah...

anne said...

Happy Bday Jackjack

Lollies said...

uba - ameen to the doa

anne - thanks anne

Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

Saya cemburu yang amat dengan cara awak mendidik anak. Boleh kah saya tutupi kelemahan saya dengan mengutuk-ngutuk awak? Bak kata Tun Dr. Mahathir, "some people would cut your legs to make themselves look taller".

Bagilah modal sikit nak kutuk. Otherwise I would feel inadequate as a parent ha ha.

Nana said...

happy birthday jack jack!

HEMY said...

hepy besday jack jack..may one day u will be the a good guy, well-manered and practice islam fully..amiiinn

m.u.l.a.n said...

happy birthday jack jack.. ibu kasi preseng apa? mintak banyak2 tau... yg besar2 pun..

Unknown said...

Hi Lollies,

'Happy Birthday to Jack (Zack)'. May he grow up to be a wonderful person. Amin.

Anonymous said...

hepi bezday jacko! wuhuuu. tak lama dah nak bersunat jack2. hihih

Unknown said...

:) haPPy birthday to JackJack...
ah, itu pose tahyat itu sngguh lah comel nya!

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