Friday, September 05, 2008

Dah Sampai

Alhamdullilah, we all reached Qtar safely.

I think my two months balik kampung was very fulfilling. I get to to do what I wanted to do. Bought things I want to buy, tudungs, a few skirts, baju sikit, rempah ratus yang BANYAK, books dan barang-barang kecantikan (oh oh mukaku naik jerawat macam dulu balik dah ni!!) and meet people, if not all, that I wanted to rekindle.

So sangat puas.

But the want that I was most relieved about was that I managed to sell our mengancam red sport Mazda Premacy. That was done at almost our last week in Malaysia. Funny, after it was sold I got many more calls asking about the car. I even got a call yesterday when I was already in Qtar.

Alhamdullilah also, this time round we were not charged for overweight luggage. Legaa. Partly because we are sharing five tickets instead of four last year. And also the other factor was, I put all the heavy books in my hand luggage. I think that was the best strategy against being charged QR60 per kilo for overweight luggage.

And now I am back in this hot barren land. Adusdus. We reached here at 530 in the morning and it was like 11 in the morning in Malaysia. We took a cab to our friend's place to get our cars (which are parked at his place for safekeeping since they have a biiiigggg house that can accommodate four cars) . Unfortunately we forgot to charge our Qtar hp. So we were stranded in front of his house not able to call him. His door bell is not working also. Talk about irony

I had my msia phone though, but somehow when I transfered the QTAR sim card to my old phone, it was not able to read the data. So we had to make calls to other people to find my friend's number. There we were melting under the hot sun. Nampak macam pelarian with all our big bags and boxes. Finally after we have melt halfway, we managed to get our friend. Pack our bags and go back to our dusty home. Mak oi macam balik setahun.

And our fridge broke down. Huwaaaaaaaa. And landlord refuse to replace them. Macam-macam alasan putar alam. Double huwaaaaaa.

Pastu pastu tengah unpack unpack black outlah pulak. We had to go out. Mostly because panas gila tak ada aircond. And also we had to go and buy a fridge (we will only get it on Saturday, so still takleh masak besar nampaknya) and we went to get the kids' uniform.

Batrisyia who was fasting finally tak tahan. She cried a bit under the hot sun. So she buka air in the car which I brought because I am a mother and I suspect this would happen. Seriously first time I came to Qtar fasting here is definitely a challenge. Lethargic and dehydrated. Oh panasnya. Oh teriknya. Oh hausnya.

O' Allah bless my children. Bless batrisyia sampai nangis because tak tahan tapi nak puasa gak.

*sigh* I almost cried when we landed. I miss Malaysia and everyone I love.



Jo Kontan said...

Lolleetah & Familie,

Welcome Back Home !

Selamat BerPuasa dan Menyambut Ramadhan Yang Penoh Berkat.

(Rasa nak pekena Roti John Restoran Berkat kat Tanjung Keling tu ajer..)

Nadia said...

ayoyo... baru malaysia peti sejuk rosak.. balik qtar pon rosak jugak... dugaan betul... dah le landlord tak nak bagi replacement.. apakah??

ala kesiannya batrisyia... org tua pon boleh pancit kalau gitu ...

Lollies said...

jo - dengkiiiiii. i pun nak gak makan roti john itu

mamarawks - huhuhu. all the barang elektrik tengah boikot i. kat msia dua tv rosak. kat sini dvd player i pun rosak. huwaaa

zan said...

duhh penat jer gue tulis pjg2..hilang pulak dia..

Selamat berpuasa lollies n family!

Nina Zan said...

Adoi. Can't really say i feel your pain but i feel for you la.

Sian Sya. Tapi memang percaya la kakak sorang tu punya perseverance tahap dewa punya.

Lollies said...

zan - apalah agaknya yang zan tulis panjang sungguh. selamat berpuasa untuk awak jugak.

nina - ha ha ha teringat ketabahan dia tak mau makan aiskrim. either sebab i control sweet intakes dia or i told her not to accept things from strangers...walau secun mana pun stranger itu. :P

anggerik merah said...

Salam Ramadahn to you and family..

Panasnya d Qatar.. memang menduga kesabaran..

Gartblue said...

adoiiii .. fridge rosak ? tersadai diluar ? *hugs*

hey babe .. hope today's better eh ?

elisataufik said...

macam familiar aje pokok-pokok tu.. Taman Negara eh?
Selamat Pulang ke Tanah< strike >air< /strike >pasir... :)

Lollies said...

AM - memang menduga. lethargic betul rasanya bila keluar tengahari

gart - today sedang menunggu fridge dengan "sabarnya"

elisa - he he. jauhari memang mengenal manikam. tepat sekali. itulah pokok-pokok di taman negara

Anonymous said...

oh selamat kembali ke tempat orang. :) selamat berpuasa.

mosh said...

banyak nya comment! i'm sure you're missed also, online and offline. sorry tak perasan you text message and since you said you're still receiving calls for the premacy, i'm sure you've read my slightly delayed reply :)

Anonymous said...

kalau wa ah...wa sudah teguk itu air wo.. mana boleh tahan..manyak panas..

eh..kat Qatar ada kerabu sotong,tomyam udang and nasi ayam bernards tak ? hihihihi...

Lollies said...

abi - :D terimakasih abi

mosh - eh banyakke?

djin - hahahha. eh banyak jahatlah ini brader. tapi ayam bernards tu apa?