Sunday, September 21, 2008

Filling it

During this Ramadhan month, I go out of the house at 7 in the morning to send the kids to school, and only reach home at 9. (I say ramadhan because the school starts later during the Ramadhan time which otherwise it usually starts at 7:15)

And I would go out again at 12, to fetch the kids, and only reach home at 2.

The usual 15-20 minutes car-ride would now take me nearly one hour one way. This is because everybody starts work/ school at later time and everyone is rushing out clogging the road. The same as going home time. many offices stops work earlier too.

Pendek kata (whoever this pendek is) jalan memang jam. Queing up at the traffic light takes a longer time. Roundabout needs more stunt action.

However, I enjoy it. because I have with me in my CD player lecture cds by Imam Anwar Alawlaki to listen to. The one I am listening to at the moment is The Lives of the Prophets.

I have always love reading about the prophets (peace be upon all of them) and I just realised that some of the stories are injected with myths and legends and stories from the Israelites. Imam Anwar AlAwlaki's lecture is mainly based on Ibn Kathir's work which relies on the Quran and the Sunnah.

Praise to Allah that Imam Anwar is given the ability of eloquence and knowledge, that his lectures are very filling to the heart. I learned tremendous (and itu baru satu tajuk aje tu). One of the things I learned is the bigger message from the lecture. THAT CERITA NABI BUKAN SETAKAT CERITA AJE CIK AKAK OIIII!!!

It has bigger message for us to learn as guidance.

Last night during breaking fast, of which I fried quails (KFC style). Haziq asked could this quail be salwa as in the manna and salwa (the heavenly food that Allah bestowed to the children of Israel when they were wondering around for forty years not entering Jerusalem. Cerita nabi Musa a.s. Surah Al-A'raaf:160)

We revealed to Musa (Moses) when his people asked him for water (saying): ‘Strike the stone with your stick’, and there gushed forth out of it twelve springs, each group knew its own place for water. We shaded them with the clouds and sent down upon them Al‑Manna and Salwa (saying): ‘Eat of the good things with which We have provided you.’ They harmed Us not but they used to harm themselves.” [al-A’raaf 7:160]

Is this the special food, Haziq asked? I said perhaps. The scholars said it is quail. Allah knows best.

Then haziq said why didn't Allah describe how it is cooked it in detail so we can cook the same. I asked him why? What would it do you good for even if you know? Allah sends us the Quran so we can learn from it. All the small details that are not included wouldn't be of any benefit to us in terms of our faith even if we know.

Imam Anwar Al Awlaki didn't exactly say it like that but he said the Quran is sent down for guidance thus the story which is in Quran has purpose. Quran didn't tell about life stories of how they grow up or what they like to play or even the dates and such because it wouldn't be of great benefit to us. Allah tells the patience of Nabi so we can learn to be like them. Allah tells how they strive in their daawah so we can appreciate that we are muslims. And many more.. (bukan quote verbatim)

Anywaaaayyy, I have a few collections of the Imam CDs hopefully to last me many more jams. They are

The life of Muhammad - Makkan period
The hereafter
Abu Bakar Al Sidiq His life and Times
Ummar Ibn AlKhattab

But he has many more interesting CDs. check it out HERE. However, I just noticed that many of the CDs there can be downloaded for free. I strongly would urge all of you who are interested in the CDs to purchase them when you can afford them i.e. in terms of money and if you find the CDs in the store. I purchased mine through a friend when he did his umrah. Perhaps you can do the same. Another link to purchase the CDs are here.

Fill your ears and fill your heart and may your knowledge increase.

I look forward to road jams and long queus now. Tee hee (kecuali minyak kereta nak habis)


elisataufik said...

i feel so humbled..
here I am filling up my phone with pearlJam so that I can berjoget sambil masak instead of increasing my knowledge.

p/s boleh burn? eheheh *tak malu*

Anonymous said...

Komen Pak Malim, kucing ray yang alim.

Saya sangat suka lagu Selawat yang awak mainkan sekarang, kata Pak Malim sambil memegang parang. Reminds me of the peacefulness and serenity of Masjid Nabawi.
Saya boleh dengar lagu ini berulang2 tanpa rasa bosan, kata Pak Malim yg hampir pengsan. (Begitulah apabila kucing pura-pura berpuasa, kata Pak Malim sambil memakai kancing suasa).

BeeLOVE said...

Bagus la Lollies, kills time and at the same time lembutkan hati kat jalanraya. To me jalanraya adalah tmpt paling senang nak marah kat org hehehe

Haziq is one bright boy. It means that the thought process is working when he ask so many things. Lagipun kan kalau dalam Quran specify semua tuh dah jadi wajib kena ikut, ye dak? Sedangkan Islam sgt mudah.

Anonymous said...

i like the way how haziq thinks and to have a mum that could fill him with more knowledge, even better.

i love prophets story, tuari balik kemas2 rumah, found a whole set of buku2 nabi we got as kids from my uncle (actually uncle gave my bro as a bday gift, but i punyakan! haha!), read one by one and loved how simple it is and hope to keep it for the nephew and niece.


Lollies said...

elisa - i pun sama gak. you know i have got the usb thingy with the transmitter dan telah menguploadkan pelbagai mp3 kat situ. heh heh. tapi tak ceritalah kat blog.

burn eh? actually i tak sangguplah nak burn CD dia. sebab kena support product dia. sowiii. but you know they have the hq kat dammam. Qurtobah production. no dia 8303131

betul2 worth it. dia ni walau pak arab tapi english dia american english sebab dia lahir and belajar and ada degree civil kat situ. so senang faham. and penyampaian dia memang superb!

kucing pak malim - my blog comment would definitely be boring tanpa kehadiran awak. :D

beelove - tapi kat sii kena control kemarahan tu sebab otherwise every inch you drive blood pressure naik. i have never seen anywhere worst than mddle east. but my friends say iran is far worst! wooooo cannot imagine.

eh actually saudi lagi teruk dari qatar. heh heh

Lollies said...

nonah - eh tertinggal. masuk komen sama timelah. tulah i have been reading the prophets story dari kecik gak.i have one in tulisan jawi lama yang simpul2 tu. tapi i realise now it is full of israelites version.

famyGirl said...

i baru nak berjinak2 dengan audio books. somehow kalau tak pegang dan selak-selak macam tak best. ntahlah, maybe sebab kalau baca and termiss something, senang nak go back kot. hee hee.

tell me, which one is better for you? baca cerita the conventional way or listen guna audio books?

Nina Zan said...

Sejuk perut dapat anak cam Haziq.

Thanks for the info lolls. Will look it up here. :)

Lollies said...

famy - hmmm i still takleh pakai audio books. pening kepala baca banyak2 on the screen. blog pun limit limit aje baca.

chop! chop! audio books tu is reading on the computer ke apa ah? ke listening? somehow kalau i listen kat computer it does not work. too much distraction.

to answer ur question, i prefer conventional book. preferbally not photocopied. lagi best kalau hard cover. begitulah.

nina - kat UKS pun ramai betul yg promo CD2 dia. tak taulah beli kat mana. ahah! maybe boleh suggest UKS to sell it.

butterflutter said...

Elok sgt lah entry ni sbb pg tadi baru terfikir boring dgr lagu.
I was told the isi khutbah jumaat yg mr & afiq went to last friday. Cerita pasal nuzul quran, malam 7 likur, lailatul qadar etc. Mr kata 1st time tak ngantuk during khutbah jumaat time puasa.

I was supposed to read the cerita nabi to my children during ramadhan but mcm kurang istiqamah *malu

zan said...

ohh UKS pun ada buat promo ker? nak laa jugak dengar, thanks for the info lollies :)

mosh said...

maybe i should have those too. baru la tak naik kerb...

elisataufik said...

eh boleh download free lah.. i am downloading Life of the Prophet, makkan period now. Boleh ler dengar sambil goreng ayam.

Lollies said...

BF - tapi you are doing lots of other things with the kids. and you are working. I lagi malu tau

zan - eh tak adalah. i am hoping aje UKS nak buat. he he

mosh - maybe u should. ahaks!

Lollies said...

elisa - tapikan i rasa sebenarnya link tu rip the CDs lah. sebab at the start of the CD tu semua mintak kita beli CD tu. So i urge everyone kalau ada kesempatan jumpa CD tu please get the original ones to support the works of Imam Anwar Al Awlaki.

I myself kena kirim orang bila pergi umrah ke apa. susah nak dapat kat sini.

yang you download to life of prophet muhammad : the makkan period kan? I tengok yang lives of the prophets tu takleh download pun.

Anonymous said...

salam ms lollies...
i so love your background music. may i know what it's called & by whom? tqvm...

Lollies said...

eni - by now see heart. tajuk dia salawat. :D