Thursday, November 06, 2008

QR4500 + QR4500

I went to the dentist today after slightly above two years of not visiting any dentist at all. I felt that I needed some scaling.

So they did the first-visit-to-the-dentist routine . I had Xrays and sort.

By the way the clinic was very impressive. Canggih manggih betul.

So the doctor displayed the results of my teeth Xray on the computer display above me as I lie down on the reclined dentist's chair. He asked so what do you need with your teeth, in a very difficult to understand accent. I said I need scaling. The plaques are crowding in.

Is that all? he asked.

Hmm probably one molar chipped a bit.

That's all?

Err I suppose so.

Then he started pointing on to the many many problematic areas on the black and white screen.

I tell you the computer display and system is dasat betul. he can zoom it the problematic area and change colours and add contrast and brightness. All in digital. I feel like my teeth are in good hands.

I had root canal like 15 years ago. And apparently within the gums under the molar roots some problem and he said may spread across other molars. He strongly suggested me to pull that out. That particular molar is also filled with gold. So he is going to pull my gold tooth out. Gulp!

He also said my wisdom tooth is coming out horizontally and is causing decay at the molar nearby and is also pushing other teeth to go forward. Alamak! I had braces to pull them before. Surely I do not want it to move forward pulak. He suggested extracting the wisdom tooth.

He also wanted to make new fillings for some molars.

I am using my lover's company insurance card. The problem is, now that I have realised it, it is expiring on the 30th November. And I have not used the card yet. I have in total QR4500 to spend on dentist for a year.

So he said we should spend the QR4500 in this very month. Come December you will get another card and you will get another QR4500 to spend for a year.

Err ok. Which means we need to do the extractionS and the refilling in this very month. We have 24 days to spend QR4500 on my teeth.

And I actually went there to do scaling and ended up not doing scaling at all.

Next appointment is on Tuesday though. And that one is for scaling.


mamarawks said...

wau byknya allocation..

kompeni kita bagi RM200 je per family per year...

agaknya kesedaran org kita on every 6 month visit to dentist tu tak menjadi culture lagi

Lollies said...

memang harus banyak. cabut gigi satu aje dah QR1000. Sebab tu for the past two years i tak sanggup pergi dentist sebab sebelum ni tak ada insurance card. Kalau dia kasi I QR200, satu apa pun tak boleh buat. Not even consultation. :D

Ummu Layth said...

baru je nak ckp banyaknya allocation but considering cabut gigi aje dah 1000..tak de la bnyk sangat.

sini health insurance biasa tak termasuk dental/physio/optometry tp kena amik extra health cover. itu pun dia kasi 2 free consultations per year but only $200 for all other procedures.

baca entry ni..mcm eager benor dentist tu. selalunya tak de betul sgt amende dentist tu ckp. dia just nak duit you coz the more procedure dia buat, the more money he gets!

Anonymous said...

aku rasa ngilu bila baca posting ni.. urghh itu belum cerita in details lagi tu

mosh said...

tu lah i thought so too it was a lot until i heard that extraction costs 1k. with the x-rays and all, berapa lah agaknya.

so, are you extracting your much beloved golden tooth?

Lollies said...

aliya - tulah. dulu kan tampal gigi haziq aje dah QR600. pakai duit sendiri pulak tu. nangiiissssss.

tapi itu privatelah. you can still go to gomen. tapi tak tahanlah lambat.

i ada gak terpikir pasal the eagerness of the doctor. tapi memandangkan masa bulan puasa dulu tu gusi i kat gigi emas tu telah membengkak and on and off dia sakit I had to agree to him. And so is the wisdom tooth.

tapi the refilling tu errr boleh di fikirkan kemudian bila perlu.

tapi kalau pakai duit insurans he he why not ek?

screw - hah! bila last ko gi dentist? nanti bila dia start cabut gigi tu aku describe in detail eh?

mosh - semalam Xray costs QR600. campur consultation.

I suppose I should. huhuhu. nanti nak kena consider bridging pulak.

atiza said...

aku kureng skit bila kisah cabut gigi ni..ngeri tahap dewa dewi

MULAN said...

ouuchh.. ouuuucchhh.. kot dapat allocation byk tu pun, rasa nya tak pi lah unless.. unless sakit nya dah tak terkata2..

trip to taman negara tu.. best giler la.. thanx for sharing.. (awat balik msia ni lagi susah cuti erk??)

lollies..!!! alhamdulillah u & kids takde apa2 masa accident tu..!!! alhamdulillah..!!

elisataufik said...

HM.. I dont know how much my dental allocation is, but every year when we balik malaysia, our first appointment MESTI dentist appointment. Haritu cabut gigi and general check-up satu keluarga, baru RM300. And then I cabut gigi and scaling pun RM300 jugak kot.

Anyways, you better get that infected root out, sebab ada makcik kat sini who had the same problem and she said memang seksa.... :P
Good Luck!

1bhopper said...

the last time i met the dentist, i got 1 wisdom tooth technically (horrifically during daylight)pulled out from my gum, and the other wisdom tooth was extracted in a minor surgery ( stitches on my gum for a week)...

one tooth is still in the drawer (i couldn't bring myself to touch it even though its mine, wahahaha), the other one donated to the hospital... (i didn't have the courage to keep the tooth in my handbag)

the next visit i hope no tooth or teeth will be pulled out again...