Monday, May 11, 2009

Making Notes

This week is Haziq's big exam week. For year 6 here, just like in Malaysia, they have a big exam. The SATS.

So the last few weeks, I, in the attempt to make him study, asked him to read up a topic in his science and make little notes in point forms. Just some salient information or technical words that he needs to remember.

Masya Allah he diligently obliged and went to his room. I saw him at his table, head bend down writing in his notebook. May Allah shower him with knowledge and wisdom.

The next morning, I cleaned up his room a bit. He is never good enough cleaning his own room. I saw the note still there on the table. I went to read it, feeling so much pride that my son is actually doing some studying.

I read it, but I cannot understand any of the words. None of the words make sense. Hmm I cannot be rusty now can I? Science is (was) one of my favourite subjects. Could it be he is writing it in codes for him to memorise better?

Upon more careful reading, I know what they are. They are codes for the cheats in the computer game he is playing. !@%&*((!!!

My question to you is, should I shave his head again?


Nina @ BabyBoon said...

hahahah! sorry lollies but it is pretty funny.

maybe try the guilt-route? lay it on real thick abt how ure so proud of his good work last nite ;) worked when my sister used it on her son for last year's upsr. jadi gabra mamat tu. siap "confess" dosa dia lagi lepas tu. hehehe

Zaitul said... dear....mmg kelakar....dont la shave his head again...sian dia. i agree with babybooned...try la that sure there's nothing to worry about. Insya Allah Haziq will ace his exam. Ameen...

nae said...

Hahahaha! Come on lolls....we are not saints ourselves 20++ yrs back:)

I'm sure he'll make you proud.

Lollies said...

kah kah kah. you guys are not thinking that I am serious now do you? I find it amusing too. So I am just observing him now.

He is alright Insya Allah. Doing some past years under the supervision of the draconian at the dining table though. :P

butterflutter said...

Ha..ha..ha...ur question tu mmg lawak. Can imagine u pegang shaver tu. Anak lelaki macam tu lah.
Good luck to Haziq.

Mrs.A said...

I am usually a silent reader Lollies but this pretty much describes what I go through with my UPSR taking boy! he he. Ingatkan dia dah tidur rupanya main PSP bawah selimut. Have faith! Boys will be boys. Think they'll be alright and will pick up the pace when they need too

Anonymous said...


This is very funny.. I am laughing :D

kahakakakkihkihkih :D

Lollies said...

BF - I can now use a shaver as a weapon. See who dare? Kih kih kih

Mrs A - Hahahhahah! main psp bawah selimut! I must say walau macam nak terbeliak mata bila found out, tapi when say it out loud, funny pun ada. Tapi depan kena tunjuk disiplin of course.

nae - syyy kesah lama jangan di bagi tau mereka. :P

babyboon - mungkinkena buat tactic bad cop good cop jugak ni.

Little muffins - beria makcik ingat dia study you. :P

Mama Rock said...

i was once asked by my son to drive him to the bookstore as he needed to do some binding. I obliged, thinking it was his school assignment. later i found out it was a whole booklet of cheats....grrrr!

Lollies said...

kah kah kah. that is real classic. tolong photocopy kasi kat haziq boleh?

mosh said...

can photocopy the cheat codes for me? what games?

haziq's a smart boy and you know that too. he would do fine.

elisataufik said...

Yeaaaa Botakkan kepala dia!!!

EH I didnt know SATS has started.
I mean, I know it's this month, but I thought next week ke, last week of May ke.. Ilham tak cakap apa pun! (Tapi biasalah , cikgu pun bukan nak kecoh2 bila nak exam)(*sigh* I will miss this school!!)

Lollies said...

mosh - entahlah mosh. game apa agaknya. I asked him yesterday and he told me. but now i dah lupa.

elisa - sepatutnya start last monday. tapi sampai la ni tak start start lagi. sungguh fonkius.

i must say bahang exam tak terasa pun.