Friday, May 15, 2009

Three People

First of all, I pray that Allah will bring to us people who will benefit us, mostly in the Hereafter life. May Allah also make all of us as people who can always benefit others.

Alhamdullilah I did meet many good people when I did umrah. But there are three that I remember most.

The first one was an arab lady. Eh chop all of them are arabs. LOL! Well the first one was an elderly. I think she is not from the Gulf since she is not wearing the abaya but rather skirt and two layered top which people from Syria, Palestin or Lebanon and also Turkey actually like to wear even in the Haram.

Anyway, it was after one of my morning rendezvous. I came back for Mrs Fath so that we can get back to the hotel together. As Mrs Fath folded up her sajjadah, this nice lady said something to her pointing to the sajjadah.

Typically when we don't understand the language we would smile and try to read the body language. Then I of courselah try to speak the very little arabic I can muster tu.

first of all, from her gesture, I think she was asking for the sajjadah. Like she wanted it or something. So I said to her, "Hal turidina hadzihis sajjadah?" I don't know whether the arabic is correct or not. But it should say, "Do you want this sajaddah?"

Thens he answered something in arabic which i did not understand. I think she is speaking in local slang. Aisey!

But somehow, in the end, I figured out that she is asking if Mrs Fath would like to give the sajjadah to her as hadiah. In arabic is also hadiah, by the way.

So I told Mrs Fath that this lady wants her sajjadah. Mers Fath, being a generous person, gladly gave it away.

Then the lady immediately raised her hand, Ya Rabb and made dua. I ask her to make dua for both of us. Dapatlah I menumpang sekaki. Tee he he. Hopefully she made good dua.

Because this incident happen when all of us were facing the Multazam.

Alamak I write the second one later laterlah.

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