Monday, May 18, 2009

Three People II

There was this girl I met before Asr In Masjid Nabawi. She is Egyptian. And she speaks english.

First she asked me where I am from. I replied I am from Malizia in Arabic. Then she asked me something in Arabic. Then I replied in English that I can't speak arabic. Arabia shuay shuay. Kartun betul.

I was painstakingly trying to memorise a short surah before the prayer. Then she asked, whether I am a tahfidzah. I said no. As in I am not a student or attending any programme to memorise the Quran. I am just trying to memorise some surahs. Then she asked whether she can be of assistance. Subhanallah! I am honoured I said. But mind you, I said to her, I am struggling with it.

I passed her my little Quran. It's a tafsir one. Then I got nervous and nearly could not remember everything that I thought I did memorise. Apa ni???

Then, I wanted to peek into my little Quran but she was very strict and refuse to let me peek. I said I needed the translation, so I can remember the Arabic word. She read to me the translation, strictly covering the Quran from my wild eyes

Such are the Companions of the Right Hand

It took me sometime to think of the word companion. Ahah! Ashabu!

أُوْلَـٰٓٮِٕكَ أَصۡحَـٰبُ ٱلۡمَيۡمَنَةِ

After Asr prayer, we chatted for sometime. My lover said he wanted to visit the raudhah, so I thought I can take my time. But later he called because now he wants to go to Uhuh and Quba'. Maka terbantutlah perbualan kami.

We exchanged ideas and basically had a good chat. But I have not emailed her yet. So this post is a reminder for me to email her. I did tell her I will update my status of memorisation which is nothing to be raved about.

Why I remember her a lot? Because I think she inspires me, Subhanallah. Not to mention, Masya Allah, she is really really beautiful. I don't know whether I should listen to her or just watch her. Ada beberapa makcik tua sungguh terpikat dengan dia and sebok bertanyakan perihalnya. :D

And yet she covers her beauty (she wears niqab) for none to see except the rightful ones. Man! I call that strength.


Mrs.A said...

Ladies I met in Masjid Nabawi did leave a lasting impression. .. Polite, soft spoken,... sejuk saja mata memandang. Especially ones that helped my MIL and I to find a place to pray in Raudhah and help look out so that nobody interferes until we're done. In yang buat terpanggil nak pergi lagi ni. :-)

The Plagiarist said...

lama tak singgah sini. lama sungguh.


Lollies said...

mrs A - oh you are so blessed to meet good people who actually help sebab raudhah tu kan macam war zone gitu.

the blog is private eh? :D

plagiarist - waaahhh. an honour ni.

Mrs.A said...

Lollies, I didnt really realise how blessed til I got home. She stood there (bless that gutsy lady) until we finished. And we were right in front! Alhamdulillah.

The blog Lollies, when I am ready. Still a sometimes happy, sometimes sad place.

Nazrah Leopolis said...

my memory of raudhah is a ganas one too. kepala kena langkah la, orang tertendang la. nak cari pot sesuai sgt susah. tapi lepas keluar raudhah, wahhh rasa bestnya...sunny with a bit of rain. i remember feeling like i've been kissed by little butterflies from heavenly skies.perasaan aje la kot.

tapi out of this world la rasanya...

Lollies said...

Mrs A - Subhanallah! May Allah accept your ibadah.

It's ok Mrs A. Saja ingat nak reciprocate the visit. Sometimes I too feel like privatising this blog. :)

nazrah - waahhhh. Barakallahufik. What a feeling. I rasa apa ya keluar tu. Yang I ingat was kenapalah i tak bawak spek hitam. Punyalah glaringnya.

Tapi in all seriousness...I rasa puas.

mosh said...

Ala janganla privatise nanti takde alerts.

I can only imagine until I get there. One day, insya-Allah

elisataufik said...

Masya-Allah.. ! Subhanallah.
Think of the pahala she will get every time you read that verse..

Lollies said...

mosh - alaa tak yah alertlah. datang aje. tak leh?

elisa - Bi iznillah. I pray for that too. In fact the whole surah. sebab jadi bersemangat bila ada orang nak tolong.

BabyBooned said...

i am amazed when i see ppl wearing niqab. i nak pakai hijab on my exercise sessions pun feel susah. *ashamed*

its a good thing that u write this entry because not only has it served as a reminder to u, it has served as a reminder to me to get off my hind and email those ppl i've promised to email.