Wednesday, May 06, 2009

And Sya Turned Eight

Sya turned eight last April 8th. We were in Madinah that day. We did not celebrate. I think I would be too guilty if I do that in Madinah. :P But Elisa was kind enough to entertain Sya when we went to Khobar.

But I did talk to her about her increasing age.And told her that it's time to bring her prayer garment whenever we go out. I bought her a cute pink bag just for this purpose. She chose it herself.

But on the day itself, she had quite a full schedule. I took her to Raudhah that very morning. Even though she did not join the me praying on the green carpet, she was somewhere around. So it was some experience to see the so many ragam at the raudhah.

In the evening we went to visit the Jabal Uhud and also the graveyard of the Syuhada of Uhud and then we went to visit Masjid Quba.

That very night also, we had an appointment with Sheikh Jib@ly. Sya followed the ladies for a chat with the sheikh's wife. It must be quite an experience for her to see an adult tazkirah yang sungguh bersemangat.

Insya Allah she learnt some.I know this because I see her brothers applying what she learnt. And it wasn't my doing. :)

Someone told me sometime ago that she has never heard Sya's voice. She is very quiet it seems. Hmm she is definitely not at home or in the car or anywhere around her siblings. In fact she is quite chirpy and chatty and giggly and all that. But I do observe her and I notice she talks quite softly when she is outside and sometimes seem to prefer to sit alone.

Sya is EightSya, I believe, is unlike me. She is helpful in the kitchen. Proof no 1 that she is not like me. She is soft spoken. Proof no 2. She likes girly stuff. Proof no 3. And many more little things that I notice. I don't mind a bit. I don't think I want to raise my children to be like me anyway :P.

Having said that, when I ask Sya what would she want to be when she grows up, she said she wants to be like me. Stay at home and teach her own children. Aik? Sure ke ni tak nak ada career. Sure ke? tee he he. Praise to Allah. She is apparently taking the role of teaching sometimes among her siblings. I hear her telling her friends stories that I told her. I hear her also quizzing them. She asked her friend once, tell me how you can read the whole of Quran in just a few minutes. May Allah bless her.

Being the middle child, I would think that she would be stressed out seeing her abang who knows so much. Eksyen pulak tu. But she doesn't seem to care. Or at least that's what her facade shows. Even though some of the things she ask me, shows that she is concern. "How is my paragraph? Is it good? Better than abang?"

Maybe because she is a girl, unlike Haziq, she likes to ask me about my experience when I was younger. Like have I ever had my tooth filled when I was little. How little? Was it painful for you? Did you ever help your mum cook (Errkkkss)? What did you cook with her (ERRKKKSSSS)? Did you fight with your brother (EERRKKKSSSSS)? Or soalan cepumas, did you want to get married with ayah when you see him the first time (Eh budak kecik jangan campur urusan orang tua lah :P)

But you know what, I have a feeling that I am a bit hard on her. I have to train myself to deal with this manja-manja girly girl ways. Sigh. This is something I need to improve. May Allah guide me.

She is doing well in her studies. She found friends and are always sticking with the same people (proof no 4). She treats Jack just like how I treat Jack, calling him funny names also. She adores her abang still even though the signal of fighting are beginning to emerge. Now she is crazy about this style of wearing layered shirts.

We all love her tremendously. May Allah guide me to raise her as a righteous daughter, who will, bi iznillah, raise the future leaders of Islam.

I typed this post when I was really sleepy last night and kept dozing off. :P So now after a fresh wake up, I checked previous posts on each of her turn of age. Apparently all the traits she has now is very consistent year by year.



famyGirl said...

happy birthday dear Sya :) makin lawa anak dara awak ni puan lollies oiii.

you know, i think because she is the middle child, i.e. she has an abang yg boleh jadi role model, she is more 'mature' than Sofea (who'll turn 8 next week!), yang masih perasan dia budak 4 tahun :P

p/s: tu kat rumah aunty elisa ka?

Zaitul said...

happy birthday sya.... did u answer all her questions???? hihihihiii ;p

ruby said...

selamat ulang tahun sya

Lollies said...

famy - tapi ithink sofea is mature in many ways. She is a vey independent learner. :)

Ah ah itu rumah elisa

ibuhaziq - yes i did. tee he he

ruby - thanks ruby. dah dekat sebulan dah pun lepas.

mosh said...

Need to re-read this again at home to see the photos.

I, for one can't say I've never heard sya's voice because she was (not sure if still would be) very chatty to me before. Nasib baik la anak pompuan ramai so I know too well how to layan la ehehehe.

Happy birthday sya! Somehow I can still remember the second look (first look in the hospital la kan) I had on her when you dropped by in the office with her in the stroller well within your confinement days.

Sheherazade said...

ruby yg xtau birthday dia huhu

zan said...

happy belated birthday sya :)

wahh banyaknya soalan2 and from there can see how mature she is.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sya! Does she remember me? So the anak dara (proof no 5) your princess sorang ni.

I got to see Najwa and Sofea played together. Now waiting to see Sya with Najwa & Sofea pulak.

Hopefully we become our girls' bestest BFF!

megigoreng said...

Happy birthday Sya...

Lollllllllies.....u jgn la pressure dia sgt....she's so manja2 hehehhe I like her so much...relax beb!

disturbia said...


she is so cute... hopefully she'll grow up to be a wonderful daughter to both of u...

butterflutter said...

Happy 8th birthday to Sha. Ohhh so shweettt la

*sigh...cepat sungguh anak2 membesar. I beratur blkg u, famy, gart & roti. Lucky lah ada u all ek. Boleh share tips membesarkan anak perempuan dlm dunia skrg.

rd said...

Happy 8th Birthday Sha..

Indeed she is very soft spoken la Lollies.. although I met her sekejap sangat last time hehe..

I called her name and she asked me back, how did you know my name?

I didn't tell her I know her name from your blog heheheh :P

anggerik merah said...

Happy 8th b'day to beautiful and sweet Sya..

elisataufik said...

How time flies, kan?
They grow up so fast!

Sya 'softspoken'?? ha ha ha
Maybe only because Haziq is very extrovert gitu, so compared to him, Sya looks quiet. (Jangan marah, Haziq...)
Just put her in a car with Anis and Izani, and you'll see lah how 'softspoken' she is.

We miss your kids lah.. bila nak datang lagi?

p/s hey is Jack missing a jean jacket? I have a mysterious jean jacket in my house. On top of the 'ruby' ring.

zainuddin ngah said...

tAHNIAH sYA IS 8,Dah besar smua cucu atok,atok doakan smua cucu atok mnjadi maanusia yg brguna dimuka bumi allah ini