Sunday, June 14, 2009

Under Dressed

I am thinking that perhaps to encourage myself to properly cover up, I should get more of those figure-following clothes.

I have been feeling a bit under dressed lately. Can you imagine that? Err ok you don't have to answer this.

lately I am beginning to attend functions only for ladies. And when the ladies who are seriously covering up have parties, they go all out with blink blinks and make up and the whole thing. They are not arabs by the way. Just a bunch of God fearing muslimahs.

And man, I am feeling a bit under dressed. :P


Ummu Layth said...

hee hee
and some do belly dancing in front of everyone

*culture shock*

Anonymous said...

didn't you blog about this before?

1. Accessorize - necklace jurai2, bley belit kat pinggang juga. Earings besar bagak.. can't imagine you pakai earings bagak tho. Bracelets and anklets.. oh kat mydin ada jual pukal.

2. Baju? keluarkan baju miang? tubes? selendang pun bley buat jadi cover, letak atas bahu. Or ikat kat pinggang. (I'm into belly-related erotica now hahaha)

3. Rambut. Ini perlu bantuan rasanya. Nampak org buat sanggul tinggi pastu cucuk segala macam benda.

4. Add blink blink onto selendang/abaya. Jahit sendiri ler. Kan ada pre-made blink blink kat kedai jahit. Patch je kat selendang/abaya.

Hmm.... kalau zaman sekolah ni harus dah main dress up ramai2.

Lollies said...

aliya - this group is very strict i suppose. strictly no music. tazkirah lagi adalah. cuma everyone dress up aje.

rotidua - i use to wear earings sebelum ada anak kecik. then i think the fashion phased out. when it came back aku rasa macam over pulak.

again this group is srict. so baju yg terover sexy and nampak awrah between girls pun a no no. so no short skirt (kaki pun kayu balak.)

and definitely no blink blink on abaya. must be super black. blink blink can only be on the baju under the abaya.

eh with the teenage we had dressing up session. full make up gear. but girls nowadays suka jadi tomboy lah i think. no one wears long skirts and frilly dresses.

mosh said...

i wonder why you used figure-following instead of figure-hugging.

eh i thought the aurat between girls macam lelaki jugak, antara pusat dengan lutut only, no?

masdiana said...

Go shopping!!! :-D Like what Sr Fareeda suggested - being stylish / fashionable doesn't necessarily mean expensive clothes. I pun dah lama tak gi such parties, so such 'fancy' clothes for hubby's eyes only. :-D But seriously, whatever you're comfortable with la. What looks good on other people might not feel / look good on you. :-D

Lollies said...

mosh - well it is something like I love wearing kebaya which follows the figure but I don't really like to wear it tight. like that lorr

yes the gil's aurah is between navel and the knee but we dont go around swinging our breasts. This is generally because the woman have to breastfeed in front of the woman and kelonggaran ini amat memudahkan. and plus I don't feel comfortable wearing top that shows too much cleavage even among girls. sikit2 can lah. too much like Jay Lo punya infamous baju tak kot.

diana - you know pasal dah use to not wearing jilbab, i usually would wear the same clothes that I wear. And I refrain from buying short sleeve and baju yg follow shape and all. Sekali tengok depa ni bukak jilbab, hambik ko. And I though hey I don't have to deprive myself anymore. Yayyyy! hahahhaha

Tapi I guess those baju palestin/ arab yg stle maxi tu err belum lagilah I nak beli.and blink blink pun not really my style. But prolly earings and accessories.

Ini not even the fancy function. Remember even at Sis F's house? Sister Z and sis S bukan main bergaya. hahahha.

kaezrin said...

where long necklace on your abaya...and put on tudung like shawl type lilit2 gitu..mmg vast..i like..

Lollies said...

kaezrin - he he he. Tapi these are all girls function and saya nak bukak tudung. and not wear abaya. Satu hari suntuk berabaya, time to be glam.

Lollies said...

One thing I really like staying here (among others) because of the opportunity for girls only gathering. Usually kalau among the msian ladies, they dont take off their hijab even among girls. And also because our norm is not to wear jilbab i.e. covering over our baju, we would pakai the same baju in the house and outside the house.

But over here, I have found great times with the ladies who glam up in the house. (Msians jugak sebenarnya). Somehow I can feel the sweetness of wearing hijab. Plain jane outside and all glam up inside.

That's why I said I need all the tight and ikut shape clothes so it will encourage me to wear the jilbab. Because only with tight clothes will force me to wear the jilbab. I am still not wearing jilbab all the time you see.