Monday, June 22, 2009

What Free Time?

Apparently I have exam this coming Thursday.
Subject : Funeral rites.

And I need to submit the answers to a telequiz by Friday.
Subject : Tawheed comes first.

Status : Just read a bit.

But but but it is school holiday this coming Wednesday. meaning I don't have to go around driving them which usually takes up about three hours everyday. Yabedabeduuuu!!

Ok nak baca notes dulu.


masdiana said...

Nampak sgt I nih stalk your blog eh... dah 2nd time in a row jdk 1st commentator nih. :-D
I pun belum study lagik nih... byk benda kena buat. May Allah make it easy for us!

Lollies said...

diana - kih kih kih. apatah lagi post ni pun ada kena mengena dengan awak.

eh i baru perasan sis faridah tak habis ajar lagi the funeral rites eh? or is it i yg tak pay attention. yg hujung hujung notest tu macam tak familiar aje.

masdiana said...

Mmg pun... I was waiting for her to finish that, + she also mentioned that she'll go into depths on the khatimah (signs of ends). Hopefully the test won't cover that so much. :-)
PS: What telequiz? Not related to our class eh?

Lollies said...

yayyy dah habis exam. gumbira! Alhamdulillah.

anyway diana I told you, I tak jadi buat telequiz tu. somehow i have difficulties understanding the notes. And the quiz tu macam tak jive with the notes. Or is it me?

m.u.l.a.n said...

ooh dah abis exam ya.. mesti bagus result tu..

tak balik cuti ka..??

Nina @ BabyBoon said...

reading abt your activities give me hope that as gib grows up i'll have time to myself again ;p

bestnya belajar tawheed! susahnya nak carik cikgu kat sini!!

Lollies said...

mulan - tak taulah bagus ke tak. belum dapat results lgi. insya Allah balik end of july ni

baby booned - tee he he. tak apa enjoy him while he is still cute dependent on you and think you are the best thing in the world. meanwhile build foundation first. jadi taklah terkial2 macam I. huhuhu

tawheed? tell me about it. i pun tak adaorg ajar tawheed yet. Tapi there are plans in the future, in the future. me like the sound of it. whatever book i use i will share here insya Allah.

eh did contact the number i gave in ur blog? i heard one of the ladies nak buat class for mothers. location pj insya Allah. err agaknyalah kot.