Monday, June 29, 2009

Spreading the Word

Coming to the end of the term, we bid farewell to our teachers. My teacher, in her terharu mode said, "I don't know what good that I do in my life that I have students like you."

To the contrary, it is what did I do good in MY life that I am blessed with teachers like them.

Masya Allah. How these ladies spent their time to spread the word amaze me. They go all out to teach and do activities. Really really all out. So much effort not only the routine lessons but other activities too. And they are not even paid. All voluntary work. And yet they do work like as if they are paid.

And mind you many of them were actually getting big pay in good international schools but instead chose to do this. Alhamdulillah that they are bestowed with rizq through their hubsands.

Sometimes I would ponder on their daily schedule and I wonder how they fit in everything. One of my teachers seem to go everywhere every day of the weekdays teaching. And some slots for activities on weekend. Either for adults and the kids. And still have time to go for their own lessons. Many of them have children. One I know has TEN with one toddler.

And everytime she gives a lecture or introduce something, it is always well researched and exciting. And she never stop at routine things. Always churning something new. Psstt something exciting for young girls coming up this summer break.

And the rest of the teachers...needless to say. Many are willing to spend their time and effort and money soemtimes just so they can spread the word.

And you know. They don't really need to do this. They don't really have a need to teach the non arabs like me. They can be around their own community which makes communication easier and perhaps less work. For many years they have spent time to make sure they are pulling in the muslim non arab community to learning the deen. And now the fruits are blooming. The government also realise these need to educate the non arabs and do daawah to the non muslims. I have never felt true sincere daawah before. (another entry perhaps).

The only thing which I think perhaps that did not come as full success with what the teachers want. At the start of the programme, they are trying to make each person present something about the deen in the class. But then she has chicken students like me who coward away whenever she ask for volunteers.

Have I ever mentioned before that I assumed those who practice the deen are lembik? On your face now Lollies. If I think I have strength try lah and do the same like all my teachers!

May Allah shower all my teachers and all teachers who teach good ilmu with barakah for all their effort.


Anonymous said...

Maybe org melayu je yg lembik hehe..and that is why prophets come from 'tough' people...with strength and determination built-in.

mosh said...

seperti aur dengan tebing lah, teachers and students also the same. both have to put in effort and reinforce each other. without pure motivation on both sides, it'll be downhill regardless how motivated one side would be.

Lollies said...

liyas - ya ka? I do know quite a lot among the malays who are strong and always thinking the best way to spread the word. May Allah bestow them hasanat for their effort.

mosh - i guess for the teachers if they sea what sow is somewhat blooming, it would be encouraging. Subhanallah it's a two way thing.

rd said...


May Allah reward all of them..

I read about the summer program for girls.. must be very exciting and fruitful..
Kalau tak balik boleh hantar Inas..

Lollies said...

rd - tak apa. nay untuk orang2 yg tak dapat balik sahaja. :( baik is good. can eat durian