Friday, June 19, 2009

What to do? : Books

I remember I am always complaining that the books here are so expensive. That I refrain from buying books. That I would go back to Malaysia and buy stacks of book and lug it back here.

But perhaps it was one of the incidents that I discovered cheap good books in this country. Hmm that was back in March 2008 (it's so good to blog. You can keep track of time). Man that wasn't so long ago.

But anyway, since than, I begin to collect reasonable cheap books found in certain stores and books exhibition they have here. By the way, Rawn@k over here, where I bought the books back in March 2008, seem to run out of books now. Oh well there is always Q@tar Guest centre and perhaps J@rir (equivalent to MPH). J@rir islamic books are still cheaper than the one in MPH.

shelf 3And now I have books full on the shelf that I have not read perhaps half of them. :O So much of complaining. :P

Sooooo I am thinking (thinking thinking only?) that I should now list my books according to subjects. Fiction : adults and children's, Reference books - encycloepedia, fact book and such, tawheed, Fiqh, Manners, Quran, hadith, children Islamic books, Prophets, Sahabahs and general reference books. Perhaps if I do this I wouldn't buy the SAME books of the SAME title and the SAME author even though they have different cover. :P

I have started this morning by rearranging the books according to the subjects. Insya Allah by doing this, it will help the cataloging process clearer and not to mention to distribute the book weights on the shelf for some rack are looking heavier than another.

Now to catalogue them is another task altogether. Hmmm let us all look at Haziq. Heh school holiday project for him don't you think? A good practice on excel also. Yesss!!

And then we have the papers too. You know the one I get from school. Alhamdulillah I usually punch holes in them and file them accordingly. But there are those downloaded articles, ebook and such that I have neatly organised them in the computer. Some I printed and filed. Some still in the computer waiting for moment to be read. Don't know when though. :P

Now now now. I feel like making a schedule of which book to read first. Overwhelming!

And yet drooling over more books still.


masdiana said...

Wah wah... jadik 1st commentor today! :-) he he he... same here la... I remember last year b4 summer hols Sr Fareeda suggested we finish the creed series by Dr Sulayman Asghar during summer (sindri2) since there'll be no summer class, + I was determined to do so, + yet sampai skang book 1 pun tak abis2 lagi. :-( + now more books dah tambah + those yg dah ada lama pun tak abis lagi baca. :-((

Lollies said...

diana - oh ada jugak gang rupanya. buku creed ni aduhai sengguh memerlukan motivasi yang tinggi untuk membacanya.

eh buku2 ashgar tu kan...err i cheat tau. i baca yang paling interesting dulu. guess what? he he he. iatu the world of the jinn and devils. pastu the messengers. now tengah cuba the minor resurrection but taking me mooooonnnthhss to finish halfway. after halfway macam best jugak. Tapi so far sampai situ ajele saya baca.

recommend me a book yang you baca tak boleh letak. maybe boleh cuba jaya gak. :D

masdiana said...

Errr... ada ke buku yg I baca + takleh letak, in my position as a full-time housewife now? *berfikir* Heh... takde kot, but not because of the lacking in materials - the books I've got are so masyaAllah, Allahumma baarik good - but more of my deficiency yg cannot concentrate for too long. Books of zaman jahiliah dulu maybe la kot, but with books of the deen... err... the satan's whisperings are too much. May Allah make it easy for us to acquire His knowledge, understand them, apply them + spread them, ameen...

Zaitul said... at all those books on ur shelf.very overwhelming indeed hehehe.....i got books i havent touched either but always looking out for book sales around KL hehehe ;p

mosh said...

at least it doesn't beat giving out the same book with the same cover to the same person for his 2 consecutive birthday presents. hampeh!

Diah said...

waaa.. banyaknya buku... sungguh rajin lah ibu ni.. :D

butterflutter said...

lolls: ha..ha.. I ada one book yg same title but diff cover. Keep telling myself, tak rugi beli buku nanti2 insyaAllah anak dah besar2 hv more time can read more. Make sure I can deduct fr tax every yr. Some I bought fr sale to be given as bday present. Catalogue, thats brilliant but now I think I kena susun dulu.

Dah byk sometimes cari pun tak jumpa :-P

Lollies said...

diana - you know in a way I really like the idea of the initial righteous parents style tu. each person review a book and present. it kinda force one to read. :) ameen to your dua.

ibuhaziq - i think kalau i kat msia lah sekarang i would go beserk. msia has good cheap books. balik ni nak stock up lagi on fictions. cuma islamic books aje kat sini murah and has variety of choices.

mosh - err you bukan menyindir kan?

mama pasha - buat-buat aje rajin

bf - hahahah. part cari tak jumpa tu menunjukkan your whole house is a library.

kalau sesiapa ada cadangan how best to catalogue books I welcome it. i plan nak buat cara traditional sahaja. categorise according to genre. no, title, author, publisher. semalam dah di explainkan kat haziq. cuti sekolah boleh start buat. yayy to assistant buat data colelction.

Anonymous said...

Haziq jadi librarian la pulak lepas ni eh.

What else are you doing in your free time? This one dah outsource to Haziq.

Get a hair makeover la. hihihih

butterflutter said...

Tu lah, bawah katil, bawah sofa. Nak buat camana anak pompuan kita sungguh lah rajin main cikgu2. Tapi kan, ada jugak yg kita rasa mcm ada tapi sebenarnya belum bli lagi ha..ha..ha...

Ikut genre than alphabetical order pun dah ok kot.

Afiq siap tukar2 buku dgn kawan at school. Smlm finally sempat singgah mph and bought transformers books for him after dia selamat baca 2 titles kepunyaan his friends.

I cant find 3 letter words books for Hannah. Kena korek, mana lah sembunyi.

mosh said...

ehehehe no! relating only what happened to me before, me being the giver. tak ingat pulak if you ever did that to me or any other person.

Nina @ BabyBoon said...

alamakkkk macam i aje ni! i buy and buy books that attract my attention and then i drool over books everytime i go to the stores. teruk betol! nowadays the excuse i always use is.. "nak tambahkan pengetahuan.. i'm not getting any younger, sister!".. but that doesnt change the fact that there are too many books by my side waiting to be read. shheeesh teruk case ni..

Lollies said...

rotidua - malangnya aku tak mampu nak do makeover here. colour rambut kedai biasa aje boleh cecah QR400 equivalent RM400. baik aku pi buat rambut dan muka dan manicure dan pedicure di mesia.

bf - part yang ingat dah beli tapi tak ada tu boleh menjimatkan wang. yang masalahnya beli sebab ingat tak beli lagi. so far i ada 3 buku yang terjadi macam tu!!! what does that tell you about me and books? P

mosh - err i ada pernah bagi you apa-apa ke? :P

babybooned - kah kah kah. ramai juga satu kapal ni.

Mc Ani said...

Am drooling over your books!!

Dah lama I tak shopping bookssss...jelesssssss!!!!