Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Zachary Is Five

Zachary turned five on the 7th June. Cepatnya cepatnya.

Hmm let us see what is he up to now.

He doesn't sleep with us anymore. But having said that, he asked to sleep on my bed last night. *puzzle but suka jugak*. And he went to sleep on OUR bed rather than his bed which by the way is still next to mine. (He has two stations, one in mine the other is with Sya). The one in my room is reserved for anyone who demam. They have the "privilege" to sleep with us.

He is happy at school with some established friends. No more crying.

He can read and loves to show off.

He is into addition now and claims that he can add up to 17.

Sometimes he doesn't want me to kiss and hug him in front of his friends which I don't care.

jackHe has a good friend. The name is Chilli. He takes him everywhere. Chilli is genderless. Chilli went with us at umrah and nearly got lost. To the concern of everyone including the Faths.

When Zachary prays, Chilli will pray next to him. On a prayer mat too (my small table mat). Complete with a sutrah!! I cannot stop laughing at this, The sutrah is usually a small mineral water bottle.

Sometimes Zachary insist on going to the mosque with his ayah and abang. He believes that it is such a happy thing to do. Once he insist to go for Friday prayers. I suppose it was a bit too long for him. And I also have the suspicion that lover was not very accommodating. So now he would usually tag along for maghrib. Somehow I think he just wants an excuse to wear his thawb.

He claims he can memorise many surahs. He has his own Juzz Amma Progress chart. I know that he can continue the last bit of the verses in many surahs his sister is memorising. With that he put a star on the chart himself.

I am still threatening him with my breastmilk and sometimes he threaten to bit me instead.

jackI know I am slightly "lembik" with him. But he was not spared when it needs to of course. The other day, ceh ceh ceh keluar example tu, he championed over his siblings on a can of pineapple drink (lover! why do you bring all this drink home??). Then Haziq found a chocolate drink terselit somewhere. Zachary still holding on to his can rush to grab the chocolate drink also. And I got so angry. And told him off. And then I told him to make a deal with his brother in whichever way both of them can come up with. He got the chocolate drink and Haziq got the pineapple drink. But they need to leave some for each other. The latter one I added to the earlier agreement made by the two.

Baru cakap sikit aje nak nangis sedu-sedu. Leceh betul.

Oh well. The siblings adore him regardless he wants to be his boss. He copies his brother and gaduh mulut with his sister. He always hugs me and lover for no reason and tries his best to be fair between us two.

He is growing too quickly. Soon there will be no little one in this household. Gomol dia cepat!!

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"PiA" si Peri Perasan said...

cpt btl mase berlalu k.lollies,rase mcm baru jer k.lollies mengandungan jack2 time along anks busu kawen.

elisataufik said...

Kucing lembik tu ke "Chilli"?
Sampai lasam dah kena gomol. Sipiii aje lagi nak kena kidnap by Izani..

Happy Birthday Zachary!!

megigoreng said...

Jack nak adik.... Jack dah big boy now... hehehhehe.... jgn mare beb!

Anonymous said...

Cepat sgt kan...dah besar semua no longer a baby.

Happy birthday to Jack Jack!


atiza said...

eh...cam setuju jer ngan megigoreng (pedas ke original?)..

jimi kenit sebulan from jack-jack..I still call him Baby.. Bi..Jimi Shimiaomiao..etc etc..tapi temple dia dah sedikit hangit..what about Jack2?

Lollies said...

ruby - wei lama betul tu. last year kan dah jumpa. pun anak busu kahwin. and ruby pun dah kahwin. :P

elisa - ya. dialah chilli. lipa nak kenalkan. hahahah izani pun berkenan jugakke?

megigoreng - tak apalah. jack nak tumpang adik orang aje. :P

bf - oohh too quick rasanya.

jack - hahaha. baunya sangat wangi dan menggeramkan. :D

Zainudin said...

dah 5 tahun jack jack atuk pun dah bertambah tua semoga cucu atuk

Zainudin said...

http://www.blogger.com/profile/0228040693072818372 dah 5 tahun jack jack atuk pun dah bertambah tua semoga cucu atuk semua sihat sihat belaka

Thursday, June 11, 2009 12:42:00 PM

IbuHaziq said...

Happy Birthday Zachary ;)

mosh said...

5 years dah.

just a little reminder. all our old raju breakfast clique now have 4 children except for you. terima kasih.

BabyBooned said...

handsomenya dia. what a great picture!

happy belated birthday to your handsome li'l boy. he'll always be your little boy, kan? :)

mama pasha said...

met ultah jack2.. :* tambah ganteng ajah.. :)

Ummu Layth said...

whaddya mean threaten him with breastmilk?


happy birthday zachary!

Lollies said...

ayah - semuanya makin tua kan? :D

ibu haziq - thank you

mosh - i have not been to raju for ages. so those who are still attending can go ahead. :P

baby boon - he is always my little boy. nak gi gomollah

mama pasha - hahahhaha. ganteng kah?

aliya - hahhahah. kalau dia tak nak dengar cakap I, i ugut dia nanti ibu kasi susu. pastu dia akan tutup mulut dia kuat-kuat. hahahah. haru