Saturday, September 19, 2009

Malam Raya 2009

JackJack accidentally knocked his head on my nose. Right smack on my batang hidung!

It hurt so bad. So bad that I felt that I am losing my mind and that all function of the nose. It's like having the effect of brain freeze except this is snappier.

It hurt so bad that I immediately cry and ran to the toilet because I felt so much like smacking him. I cried and cried in the toilet profusely. I locked myself in and refuse to answer my lover when he called.

And then there was blood! My nose is bloody bleeding! But because I was crying so much the blood diluted and trickled down.

After twenty minutes or so, I still can't feel my nose. Is it still there I wonder. I reached out, yes it is still there. I wonder if it has become penyet causing more damage to the already penyeked nose.

But I was still crying because of pain and also uncontrollable anger.

I went out anyway because the toilet was not very comfortable to sit for long. Now I am feeling a mix of blood and saliva trickling down my throat.

Lover went out for Isya'.

JackJack and Sya were standing there. I can see them at the corner of my eyes. Finally I turned to them and signaled for Jack to come over. He handed me a big card with two pictures of a lady wearing hijab. One says "before" and the other, "after". The before lady was looking sad and the after one, smiling.

Jack said sorry Ibu. And I hugged him, I am sorry too. And we cried together, hugging each other. Then i signalled Sya to come over since she was crying by herself. And I know she was the one who initiated the card anyway. And there the three of us were crying.

A patah hidung can do this to you.

Anyway Jack wrote this in the card (Sya wrote it)
Oh Allah, heal my mother on her lips on her eye and on her nose and on her forehead.

and from Sya
Oh Allah, make my mother a very strong Muslimah from the ummah.

Ameen Ya Rabbal Alamin

And from me,

Oh Allah make my children the comfort of my eyes and them the leaders of the muttaqun. Bestow on me patience in dealing with them.

Then lover came back with Haziq from the masjid announcing that it would be Eid tomorrow.

Itulah dia drama pada malam raya tahun 2009.

Eid Mubarak my friends. May Allah accept our deeds.


nMJ said...

Eid Mubarak Lolls & Family.

*hugs* Hope you have a speedy recovery insyaAllah.

Drama 2009 of Lollies household that manages to tug the heart. Thanks. And I may sound like a broken record when I say, what beautiful children, masyaAllah.

Amiin to theirs and your du'as.

ps, where was Haziq?

Lollies said...

PB _ even after rereading this and your comment semua makes me feel like crying all over again. Now less about the pain but more towards hmm I don't know. Maybe because I was so angry earlier and just had to leave fearing of hitting him. And that he was so sorry and when I was in the toilet he cried with his father. I am breeding emo children as well. But Alhamdulillah sensitive.

Haziq, when the incident happen was in his room. He, after the toilet getaway, found out about me crying (wailing) and stayed with the siblings until Isya' came.

I edited the entry a bit, to add a finishing drama (hahahaha).

Siang tadi I said I am not going to cry I am not going to cry and look at me now, crying tak habis-habis.

Myra said...

Ya Allah akak.. I cried reading this! Isk isk. Your kids are so wonderful! Ameen to all your prayers.

Sheherazade said...

owh,k.lollies adoi saba jer la.
terharu perbuatan sgt dgn sya n jack2.terharunya sgt bace entry ni.

Pia nak ucapakan Happy Eid Mubarak buat k.lollies sekeluarga,mohon maaf jika ade salah silap dan perbuatan.hug~

butterflutter said...

ouch...I know how sakit that is. Mak2 mmg selalu kot accident mcm tu. I kan after marah my children mesti I nangis and hug them.

nae said...

I cried too...You have a lot to be proud of.

Unknown said...

this entry touched my heart.Subhanallah.Especially when reading the bits of Du`a written by the children.O Allah,please guide me the right way to teach my children too.