Friday, September 04, 2009

Not Too Bad

When the kids' school started, I have anticipated the series of bracing the strong heat sending them and picking up from school. Ramadhan this time round is at the final quarter of summer. And if you have been following my complaints you would know that summer here is no joke.

So I have been keeping a mental self assurance that patience will be rewarded. PANAS! Patience will be rewarded. PANAS! Patience will be rewarded. PANAS! Patience will be rewarded. PANAS! Patience will be rewarded. PANAS! Patience will be rewarded. PANAS! Patience will be rewarded.

And the sisters also have been forwarding emails about the virtues of fasting during the hot days. If you like to read it click HERE. It is motivating indeed especially for those who will need to brace the heat yang panas! Patience will be rewarded.

I remember a story that I have been trying to think of the actual situation of the event for weeks but still could not grab hold of it. Camni cerita dia. A man was asked, I think he should be in heaven or something. Would you like to live in the world again. He said if to live again only so that he can fast in the long summer days and pray in the long winter nights. Agghh. please help me remember this story.

Anyway. So I was mentally prepared for the heat. Splat sunblock. Selet deodorant. Man it is humid now! Payung dah siap. Patience will be rewarded.

And then I went out and it was not too bad. The highest it reached was 45C so far. Most of the time 42C.

So that was not too bad. Not too bad at all.


mosh said...

42C? ok tak la panas mana, NOT!

tolong copy/ paste balik
PANAS! Patience will be rewarded

fizzahyahiya said...

haha. comella kak lollies.. ala2 psycho diri sendiri gituh! :)

zan said...

42?? tak la panas mana!!! he he he ha ha ha *lari*

tapikan teringat masa i belajar dulu -15C..aduh the extremes but how are the kids?

Lollies said...

keh keh keh. korang ni kejam betullah! kejam mata!

anyway this is because i thought the tenp would be 50+ celcius. so 42 was really not bad. kan? kan? kan?

mosh - hahahahhahaha

aha - kalau tak nanti tak dapat rewarded. repeat after me please. patience will be rewarded!

eh kita nak komen kat blog awak tak bolehlah

zan - -15C? mak oi sejuknya. patience will be rewarded. sejuk! patience will be rewarded! sejuk gila! patience will be rewarded!

fizzahyahiya said...

Kak Lollies,

Ha ah. Kita disable kan ruang komen sebab tak rasa ada yang nak tinggalkan komen pun.. :)

masdiana said...

Masa you kat M'sia it did get more than 50 + humidity very high, so alhamdulIllah la... :-)

Lollies said...

sha - :)

diana - tulah. even before i left pun dah 50+ hari tu. that was why i was expecting the worse. Alhamdulillah it was not too bad at all.

elisataufik said...

Alhamdulillah.. the weather is getting cooler as Ramadhan progresses.
Bila my kids balik complain dahaga sebab they had to walk so far from their class to the bus, I would remind them to imagine the bedouins kat tengah2 padang pasir camner..
Tapi pukul 5 boleh pulak tanya "can I go outside and play my ripstick?". Suruh pegi kedai beli telur complain penat.. :P

Anonymous said...

Adoi panasnya. Agaknya kalau taruh wet towels bawah tudung bley tak?

'Patience will be rewarded' :)

Cuaca kat sini pun quite sejuk actually. Banyak hujan. Ah well... take care ah makcik!

Lollies said...

elisa - kah kah kah. samalah depa ni. suruh solat ngantuklah itu lah inilah. suruh pi tidur, main pulak.

rotidua - kalau dalam bulan 6 and 7 boleh kot. now susah sikit because it is also humid. taklah as msia but still berpeluh jugaklah.

hujan? bestnyaaa.