Monday, December 14, 2009


Subhanallah! It rained in Mina on the 8th Dzulhijah. Cats and dogs and all animals. Thunder and lightning.

The tell tale signs were there. When we were in Makkah, the dark clouds peeked now and then. In fact when I did my umrah (Hajj tamattu'), the weather was very pleasing and there were big clouds shading the sun. Alhamdulillah.

And when it rained in Mina, I felt so blessed. Earlier on, anticipating rain, the "engineers" among us tied up a few loose ends of the tent. And when it rained, our side, I must say, was a bit more secure. And because we had to shift places a few times, we actually escaped the spot where not only it leaked but there were mini waterfall there.

saudiStill, even though the tent was fire proof, it is not bocor proof. So being the genius that we are, we used brollies in the tent.

We reminded each other to take the opportunity to make dua during the rain (one of the times that dua is most maqbul). And there we were, sitting in the tent in Mina on the 8th Dzulhijah with brollies, making dua.

It was really nice.

And the days after that was wonderful, adding pleasantness throughout our hajj journey. I thank Allah for the rain. I believe this has made everything so much easier. Praying in Arafah was pleasant. The stay in Mudzalifah was not sticky. The long walk Mudzalifah-Mina-Makkah was cooling. And there were shades of clouds everywhere.

saudiHowever, the day we were going back to Doha, I found out what really happen in the outside world when it rained that day. Apparently there were devastation in Jeddah. There were fatalities. Loss of live. Loss of properties. Subhanallah! From the newspaper report I saw, it was almost like a tsunami. With cars mangled on top of each other! Cars flatten beyond recognition! slabs on road surfaces! Bridges toppled! People drowned caught in the flood water!

Inalillahhi wainna Ilaihi rojiun. may Allah replace their loss with something better.

Subhanallah. I was shocked. Now I understood why my dad, when I called him after ifadah, asked me whether I was caught in the flood. Flood? What flood? The only thing I saw was some raised water at a car park. But that is a normal scene in the middle east countries - the countries that has no drainage system. And my friend was saying, "Laa patutlah kawan aku tanya ko tak kena banjir ke?" And when he asked, "What banjir" The other person said, "Ko ni pergi ke tak haji ni?"

Pardon me, I have not been following any news at all throughout hajj.

Subhanallah! Allah with His power can give blessings and tests to whomever He wants.

I really do not know what to feel or say or write. I thank Allah for His bounties but I feel sorry that for the same bounty I received was a big test to others. Qadr Allah. All in Allah's wisdom. Who can tell whether for any bounty you receive is also a test for someone else? And for the test you receive, someone else is receiving some rizq. Or the law may not even apply. Allah knows best. To Him belongs all Dominion.

Oh Allah shower upon us abundant rain beneficial not harmful, swiftly and not delayed.
(Abu Dawood. See al albani sahih abu Dawood)

One of the dua's you can make when it rains.

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azGROWLen said...

From what we hear and see the rain was quite bad. Hour long rain in Mekah and Madinah so the report goes. When I was there there were hardly any rain that the Iman of Masjidil Haram had to call for sembahyang Istisqa. Anyways Alhamdullilah for those doing the haj were spared any disaster

Peri PiA said...

Subhanallah Subhanallah Subhanallah!!

mosh said...

They were using umbrellas in the tent? Cute.

p/s: Are you subscribed to your own comment in your reader? If you were, bley la monitor comments that you're getting in the old posts (like mine yang don't check my reader as regularly anymore :p)

Lollies said...

azgrowlen - it rained everywhere. in mekah, madinah, mina, arafah, jeddah. (the least places I know). yes, Alhamdulillah we were all spared from any disaster.

perry pia - subahanallah

mosh - and on top of that we look so cute kan?

yes, i subscribe all comments (not in the reader tapinya)

Hansac said...

When I did my haj in 2001, it was in February. It rained a few moments before wuquf. I remember standing in the rain in my ihram on my way back from the toilet to the tent.

أم الليث said...

Ingenious brollies in the tent.

I am so wrapped up in my own life, I didn't even hear about the devastation if Jeddah!! Teruknya aku.