Saturday, April 03, 2010

OK Dah Tak Panic


Alhamdulillah Sya is getting better. She doesn't bleed anymore, but there is still pain when she pees. That's a huge relief.

And there are just so much to learn from this.

Panic is however, despite many times being taught, is something most mothers (me only, will not learn. One can cope with blogging though. :P

Anyway, the doctors advised Sya to drink alot. More than what she has been drinking all these while. And just like Shaikh Hansac pointed out, she needs to pee when she has to pee.

I suspect with Sya (and Jack too for that matter), in order to avoid peeing in school, they drink very little. This year alone I have been pointing out to them just how little they drink from their school tumbler. Haziq however drinks in gallons.

So the silver lining from this is I can be more serious about drinking. Plain water that is. So we now have made a rule, that if they don't finish the whole of their tumbler, they don't get to drink their favourite chocolate milk that I always bring when i pick them up from school.

So no drinky, no choccy.

Jack sometimes have to finish his drink in the car. All in the name of chocolate milk.

Of course the blood in the urine scare all of them. Especially when they see Sya has to go to hospitals many times. So Insya Allah, that was a scare, scary enough. I hope it stops there though. The scare I mean.

Of course there is this other story about not peeing. I asked the doctor to tell them how it is not good to withhold your pee. And I pun menumpang bebel.

Subhanallah, this cannot come in at a better timing. In one of our weekly "class" together, i touched about the dangers of not cleaning your pee properly because some of them are sometimes careless. Read HERE.

So I think all the lessons go well together. Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah.

My prayers go to all parents who are undergoing tests by Allah when their children are inflicted with fatal disease.


zan said...

Ohh I forgot to tell u, x collegue of mine, her son pee was in black color, terus hospitalized. So I guess after this u can cont to take advantage of the incident, terus meneruslah takutkan mereka hehehe. Agak2 boleh tak masuk sekali in curbing the junk food?

Anonymous said...

aha! you know what this remind me off? i like to hold my pee as well as a kid. like shaikh hansac daughter, sanggup gwe tahan till i find a decent nice toilet, it hurts definitely, my mum yang super garang itu will make sure i pee in public toilets irregardless of my cries. not to mention the gallons of plain water i have to keep drinking.

but thanks to her, i am the champion for drinking plain water compared to sweet drinks, which as you kids grow up, i hope they will understand better why plain water is good and cranberries juice pun bagus as suggested by others before.

my 2nd brother on the other hand, prefers to just eat garlic every morning, 2 cloves as he said that's natural remedy or something. it works for him well healthwise, i'm sticking to my plain water still oh and habbastussauda + minyak zaitun, work wonders internally!

for kids, we gave habbatussauda + madu from yemen! you can try it for your kids :)

warmth regards + hugs for sya and the boys


atiza said...

loll..if you could find barley, give them barley drink as's a good remedy for the bladder apparently..

I learn it the 'hard' way too..

hugs to u n kids.

Lollies said...

zan - black? i hope the boy is ok now?

junk food eh? hahahahahha. mungkin jugak boleh di selit sana-sini.

nonah - yeah. over here baru i kenal itu habattus sauda. and madu yemen is very pricey. but heard it is good. kena catu with the kids otherwise they could finish it in no time.

aie - waaahh masing2 ada sejarah masing2. Alhamdulillah for these lessons eh?

Anonymous said...

oh oh! i just read about Sya. How is she? she is better la of course with the follow up entry. You how? ok orait selamat? *belated hugs*

And i remember the same about Ilham too :)

I made the whole family drink a glass of plain water immediately after bangun tidur. By the time sampai sekolah or office, kelam kabut cari toilet dulu. ahaha

Eh meh la hug lagi sekali *hug hug*

m.u.l.a.n said...

adoi suspen jugak bila baca tadi.. ada hikmah nya di sebalik apa2 kejadian.. thanx for sharing.. nanti bisa diingatkan anak2 ini..

Nina @ BabyBoon said...

good gosh, ksiannya sya! i pray she is well on the road to recovery!

i cannot imagine the strength of those with children who are facing fatal illnesses. ya Allah i hope i do not have to be tested that way. ini anak i baru sakit hernia pun i dah frust and sad. subhanallah.

Lollies said...

rotidua - oh yes. i now cannot wake up with a glass of water. sebab kalau tak minum rasa kering sangat tekak. and i think its good for the pencernaan also. and the kids pun kena paksa gak.


mulan - mula2 I thought nak share ke this story? But then it can happen to all of us. and somemore rupanya ramai yg had about the same thing. so it is quite common. can learn from each other insya Allah

babyboon - May Allah spare us from tests. And we need to be constantly remind ourselves on tawakal to Allah as some of my friends have advised me (in previous entries). We need friends who can always guide us doing tough test times.

NJ@Goboklama said...

me kena pun sakit oooo, inikan pulak budak. Alhamdulillah sya dah ok :)

Anonymous said...

suru bebudak tu makan watermelon banyak2 bagus untuk buang air kecil juga mengelak dari terkena batu karang