Thursday, July 08, 2010

Loose things and Sterile House

Internet is back. Hoyeh!

It has been good though not having the internet for otherwise I would not have settled much. I am happy to inform you the momentous occasion that I have cleared up all boxes. We are officially moved in. (Tiru script Mrs Incredibles)

qatarI have also pulled up all the will I have in me to tackle all the loose things. I really hate doing them. Mati akal. Those are the things that are packed in plastic bags or trash bag or dumped in a box and bucket and then strewn everywhere in the house.

They are all GONE! I hate clearing them but I did.

I am so proud of myself and I deserve a star!

Essentially the house is done. It just need some desterilisation.

The house still looks very sterile.


azGROWLen said...

house proud indeed

Dills said...

Rumah best! Besar giler! Jom main nyorok nyorok (satu rumah), galah panjang (kat living room) lumba lari (master bed room)hahhahaa.... :)

OO said...

memang ler kalau nak kemas loose things yang pening! but the house looks spacious!!! jenuh queen nak mop tu :)

أم الليث said...

waaaaahhhh seronoknya rumah baruuuuuuu
banyakkan baca surah Al-Baqarah to halau2 the unwanted creatures heeheh

zan said...

err i pun tak suka clean up loose things...things that can be cleared, i'll clear them up, else dump them in a storage box and wowww your house is huge and take things slow bila mengemas hehehe....

Lollies said...

azen - can you give me a star for tidying up quickly? please?

dilla - waahh macam2 permainan boleh buat tu.

OO - rimas kan? macam mati akal

aliya - thank you so much for this reminder. I am trying to fulfil reading baqarah as much as I can. dahlah off late banyak benau kisah2 unwanted creatures in new house. so tak syiok

zan - tapi kita dah habis kemas. :D. Tu yg nampak rumah macam sterile aje lagi tu. :D

famyGirl said...

good job lolls! dah selesai mengemas, maka happy settling down and getting comfy :)

BabyBooned said...

great job!! being officially moved in aint easy!

desterilisation? famiy pictures maybe? and house plants? hehehee. i personally usually kill house plants so i end up with tons of mini cactus instead. hee