Friday, July 30, 2010

About Swimming

You know watching my kids learning to swim, it reminded me alot about my late brother.

He was a very good swimmer. he didn't even have to go to any swimming classes. Nobody taught him how to swim either. And mind you, we were urbanites, whatever that means. Basically it means we do not have access to river or little streams like Lat and the gang.

He would just hang out at these swimming pool. Watch people swim and he just swam. And he can do all kind of styles. He was like a merman diving in, swimming in and popping out of the water.

I can't do all these without a teacher. Even with teacher, I still take a long time and became just an average swimmer.

My brother can just dive in the sea from the ferry stopping in the middle of nowhere. Something that I will never ever do.

So yeah. I miss him.

May Allah have mercy on his soul and may we be reunited again.


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Peri PiA said...

Al-Fatihah :'(

really arwah is a good swimmer ?

urbanites-indeed ..kita serupa ehehe

memang xtau swim