Saturday, July 24, 2010

Keeping Them Busy

It is now the two-months long summer break here. And I clearly remember the last year loooonngg summer break. Where they basically sleep, eat, play games, watch TV. Ok we do a few activities but most of the time they sleep, eat, play games and watch TV.

So I thought I just try to keep them a bit more occupied.

I am sending Haziq to the masjid for his memorisation every weekday morning up to Dzuhur. He still has to go to his regular mengaji with his ustaz a few days in the evening. This arrangement has been good, Alhamdulillah. When he is doing one surah for his morning lessons, he needs to strengthen another surah in the evening. This keeps him on his toes being challenged. May Quran be in his heart.

There is also some programmes for the girls in the morning. Not everyday though, but sufficient. Apparently for the memorisation they are so far memorising the Fatihah and three quls to the dismay of Sya. But I told her there are always other things that you can learn from different teachers and different environments. Even if we think we know, there are always new things you can learn. Plus not to mention I have already paid the class wokei. :P. But Alhamdulillah they are learning other stuff too like dua's that I haven't got to teaching yet. And also she is getting cool presents for being able to memorise teh surahs and the dua'. He he he

I am sending Jack to the same mosques as Haziq because he kept telling me that he wants to go to the mosque for ngajiing when he is six. So there you go. According to haziq, when he recites with the ustaz he would look down all the time looking very nervous. Once finished, he would go on his fighting mode with some imaginary people and berguling-guling in the mosque.

jackAlso, I signed all of them up for swimming class. Well haziq can swim already, so he is learning to improvise his breast stroke at the moment.

So they are busy but still, once they got home, terus main computer. Grrrrr. I haven't come up with activities to do at home yet for them. We still have our halaqah once a week. I need to do something daily but somehow, I have stuff to catch up too. Allah Mustaan.

At other times, I busy themselves with washing the dishes, lap habuk, siram pokok, kemas bilik and many more interesting character-building activity. they will thank me one day, insya Allah.

Or otherwise, I will remind them to thank me. Hahahahha


Ir. Hanafi Ali said...

"I busy themselves"

deceptive sungguh.

zan said...

itu tak banyak ker tu? but but but i would do the same hehehe...for Dec, there are already some activities in my list :P

Lollies said...

Hansac - bagus tak strategy saya?

Zan - waaahh terer terer. Share with us your plans.

BabyBooned said...

well, i for one think u're doing a great job occupying them. i cant think of anything other than toys, books and tv to entertain this 3 yr old fella of ours. sighhhh

ada idea tak?