Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Dainty Lollies and a Flat Tyre

One dusty morning a dainty lady woke up to another routine day. She shouted at her kids to get up early and hit the shower, lest the water become too hot and will scald their skin. She is that caring.

She hang the clothes, made breakfast (garlic bread with cheese). Then she pestered her first son to get ready for school.

She roared the engine and flicked the aircond switch and slowly and carefully as she usually is, preseed the accelerator pedal to reverse her car. But the car seemed to not want to move.

qatarShe knows she is dainty but she cannot be that weak. She knew something was wrong. Glanced at the panel. There you go an LED icon that refuse to go away. It says FLAT TYRE. Qadr Allah.

qatarGot off the car and confirmed herself.

What to do! What to do!

Eldest son is late to school. Called the teacher. And called her lover and complained and pretended to about to cry.

But lover, the knight and shining hero, refused to come and save her, but told her to take the pump and pump the tyre herself then go find a mechanic and have it fixed.

haziq qatar

(Of course I am not going to pump the tyre myself? And what? Risk my fingers becoming dirty? I have Haziq to do it for me. And later we send it to the professional to patch the tyre up.)

The dainty lady sweltered under the heat and cannot wait to pout when lover comes back home from his day of hunting.


m.u.l.a.n said...

i pernah kena on the way hantar anak pi sek ugama.. kena depan 7 eleven.. was in my pyjamas..!!! tapi sopan punya version..

what to do, had to call hubby@opis & frens, sape cepat sampai la.. pheww, lepas tu serik gila.. nowadays sarung jubah je paling selamat..

YATI said...

Dugaan datang tanpa diduga my dear

Alhamdulillah, it happened within the
house compound & Haziq was there to assist you.

Just be patient...:)

Lollies said...

Heh heh. It is a joke.