Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Haziq the shabab

haziqHaziq the shabab.

I consider Haziq as boy of age now. No he hasn't got the dream just yet but there are other signs. So I told him that you have the book now, that record your deeds. And he said, what, you mean all these while you don't have it? The little ones like Jack don't have it? He he misinformed I suppose.

Alhamdulillah Haziq loves learning and take almost all lessons with gutso. Well perhaps he has problems with subjects like history but he does try. His teachers has only good words for him.

He is also feeling the pinch of competition which is becoming very intense. he is always eyeing for those better than him. The problem with this though, is sometime frustration may creeps in. I hope to be his motivator and the one who consoles and keeping up positivity. May Allah help us.

He is still a very cheerful boy and is still the focal point among his siblings. May Allah instill love among them always.

However he is beginning to find his anger streak here and there especially when he "feels" that injustice is not served. And many times I see him arguing his cases with adults, who are also my friends. Thinking back, it was probably like me but now I am on the other side, I can see that it is the emerging teenage hormone who always feel that everything is not just and no-one-understands-me.

I probably should read a book on how to motivate him and to nurture him that the world is not against you most of the time. And also how to pick battles so you can look kewl arguing them.

Did I tell you that he is slightly taller than me now? And his shoes are bigger than mine too.

Haziq has improved his memorisation in quite a leap now Masya Allah. He went through a stumbling block for sometime but something motivated him. It came in the form of some friends who have memorised more. With a reminder to the niyah of memorising and him in return telling me competition in the deen is very good, he tried harder.

He is now halfway through Juz 28, Masya Allah. May Allah wrapped him in the Quran and may it be his protector in dunya and akhirah.

I suppose now that he is a shabab, I probably am not very keen to update his progress yearly after this. I will still write things that concern him or his questions or his doing, but probably the age 12 is the limit for yearly progress update. It used to be cute.

I ask Allah to make him the comfort of my eyes and the leaders of the muttaqun and that we will all gather as a family in the yaumul akhirah with bright faces and laughing together.


masdiana said...

masyaAllah.. Allahummabaarik! dah teruna dah anak awak ye. :-) may he grow up a true muslim, mu'min + muhsin insyaAllah.

famygirl said...

happy birthday haziq!! :D

BabyBooned said...

sniff. masyaAllah indeed. juz 28, mumtaz, mumtaz!

i cannot imagine the day when my son is taller than me and his feet are bigger than my sampan-sized ones.

but i know that day is inevitable and unavoidable.

"MULAN" said...

ohh my.. tak lama dapat menantu la u..!!! hensem woo...

Anonymous said...

happy birthday dear haziq!!!

Auntie I Do and all in Kinrara.

roserose said...

Happy birthday Haziq.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Haziq yang ke 12.Atok ucapkan semoga sihat selalu.Dah besar ya.