Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cerita Hantu

There are just so many cerita hantu/ bomoh aired for the six days of raya. Not to mention the tele series ular emas which is shown everyday even way before raya.

The consolation (?) is they also show that iman precedes syirik. So the good guys are naturally people with songkok kopiah and dzikir beads and recite the quran. Relative to masa cerita hitam putih where they need to call mambang to fight another mambang. There is no white magic against black magic such as those glamorise in Harry Potter. Magic are all evil.

But how come none of them read any of the quls and ayat qursi? Let alone Suratul Baqarah. Allah has armed us with these surahs to fight the evil. The only surah I heard (in the drama) read on a possed person was Suratul Kawthar.

Or there must be something I do not know. Plus I have never been involved in helping anyone possessed or catching flying lights or the sorts.

Oh filem ek?

for layman like me, I will stick to what is taught in the sunnah. That is to read the i. 3 quls three times in the morning and evening and also before sleep. Read the before sleep evidence HERE.
ii. Read the three quls after solah. For Fajr and maghrib prayer read it three times.
iii. Read ayatul qursi in the morning and in the evening and also before sleeping and after solah. Read the virtues of ayatul Kursi HERE.
iv. And Al Baqarah must be read often in one's home to protect the house from any evil, Insya Allah.



zan said...

we did recite baqarah when we moved in and played the recitation again and again tru the player...

banyak sgt cete2 mcm tu? i mmg tak tgk tv, takde chan langsung...

Peri PiA said...

tu xkira lagi budak2 pon nak jadi penyanyi

nasib baik ade program realiti adik-adik ku

butterflutter said...

Dari kecik my parents mmg didik baca 3 Qul so i did the same to my children. Pindah rumah 1st my parents in law yg read al baqarah and for tigatiga my husband yg recite. My mil ada bagi ayat untuk elak rumah dimasuki pencuri/perompak so my husband tulis and we laminated and letak dlm post box and living. My mil jugak yg introduce me to Manzil.

Btw, I mmg cukup tak suka cerita hantu.

~mhaiecreative~ said...

sekejap banned sekejap lagi allow balik..banned sebab takut syirik..tapi bila allow?


Itu ler kisahnya di Malaysia ni..

Malaysia Boleh la katakan..

Nor said...

Salaam Lollies. I don't watch tv much but I have seen some wierd stuff in the dramas when it comes to religious stuff such as sujud 3 kali with 2 duduk antara sujud bila solat, ambil wuduk basuh tangan selepas kepala and even one time where the parents exclaimed to the son that he can't get married because he was adopted. I truly hope that the quality of ilmu being dispersed via the drama melayu has improved somewhat.

Lollies said...

zan - jangan hentikan bacan al baqarah itu. Al Baqarah should be read continuously. In fact a hadith says

Dari Abu Huraitah, berkata Rasulullah sallalahu alaihi wasalam, "Jangan jadikan rumah kamu seperti kuburan, sesungguhnya rumah yang di bacakan di dalamnya surah al Baqarah tidak akan di masuki shaytan."

ruby - nampak comel sekali site itu. tapi pasal tak tengok tak berapa faham. i saw one programme for kids on TV1. Bestlah! ada competition, masak lemang, buat kueh goyang. Cuma why they have to mix girld and boys (another issue). tapi i like the concept.

Lollies said...

bf - perhaps it is better that the ayat is not written and place somewhere for an ayah only works by recitation. Allah knows best.

Apa tu manzil ya? in arabic it means house.

aie - a show is good if there is a lesson that can come out from it. so to keep up with curent trend you know twilight harry potter dan pelbagai not to mentin tv series ghost whisperer, angel and apa2 lagi, malaysia kena gak produce. by right when we produce we educate. sebab yg tengok pun melayu (assuming muslim). Islam does not deny the existense of shaytan and shaytan comes in many form to keep us astray and to disturb us in general. And Allah and His Messenger sallahu alaihi wasalam has not left us in vain to fight this off. So itu yg patut kita tonjolkan.

having said that aku tak adalah nak buat filem pun

Lollies said...

nor - Hmmm. wonder just how much research they put in the acting. the thing many masses educate themselves through these (sad).