Friday, October 01, 2010

Enjoining Good

I have a friend. Her name is Bee. I remembered her as always persistent in asking her friends who were lazy for solah in the office to go and make solah.

And I know through her actions, and mostly through hidayah from Allah, a lady after that actually make solah. Starting from only twice a day - Dzuhur and asr (because it is the office timing) till she finally bring herself to make solah 5 times a day.

Perhaps initially it was terpaksa sebab asik kena ajak aje, but somehow after years, she knew the importance.

Imagine you are Bee. You are the one persistent in enjoining good to people you care. For any good deed that the lady did, the hasanat will, Insya Allah, go back to Bee without reducing the reward for the other. And if by making solat one starts doing even more good deeds (because truly that is what solah does to a person), wallahu alam, some of the hasanah may go back to Bee.

Come judgement day, Bee may find herself with heaps of hasanah which she doesn't even know where it comes from.

Do we not want to have the same hasanat as Bee?

Jom enjoin good.


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butterflutter said...

I feel blessed to have known some of you thru the blogging world who always share and reminds me on the others part of my life. Sedikit sebanyak sentiasa cuba memperbaiki diri, insyaAllah. Masih byk kekurangan.

Thank you very much.