Monday, October 04, 2010

Cast Off

Alhamdulillah Jack is now released from his clenching cast. It has been a month.

I was worried at the thought of taking off the cast and was wondering what kind of tool would they used. And would it scrape some of my beloved son's fragile skin? And he is so skinny would it accidentally slice off his skin and flesh and ohhhhh.

Of course a good friend had to remind me of the story of another friend's daughter who was on the body cast and they actually did slice her a bit. Horrors!

But Alhamdulillah it went well. The instrument was scary but the doctor said it is safe and demonstrated how it won't cut soft things rather only hard things. Hmm. See it on the first video.

After the cast was off, Jack went on in the same position for sometime, very afraid to straighten his hands. Infact to day being the third day, he still is very concious about his hand. We are seeing the doctor again for follow up in case he would need physio therapy. Pray not.

Anyway the video of the moment. Apparently I was laughing at the end of the video because the doctor commented that the mother was more scared than the son. Ngarut aje doctor ni. Macho tau!


Sheherazade said...

a month ,MasyAllah time flies


waa,k.lollies macho?:D

Lollies said...

kenapa? tak percayakah? :P

Anonymous said...

The pizza-cutter-like tool cut Najwa's skin too. :(

Yay! for cast off!

Err Najwa walked funny about 2 weeks after the cast was removed. Jack Jack will be fine Insya Allah.


Lollies said...

rotidua - ya ka? awat doctor tu test kat tangan dia tak ada pun? huhuhu

two weeks eh? So jack is oklah eh. he seems to forget his hands sometimes.