Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Should Not be in Denial

I turned one year older a few weeks ago. i am 38 now.

One grey hair.

Sakit lutut.

Sakit tumit.

Bau lauk sedap aje badan naik 500 gram.

Sakit dada bila marah.

A wonderful lover.

Three wonderful children.

An alive father.

Missing my Ibu whom I ask Allah to be reunited in jannah.

Still alive and still have chance. And that is alot to be thankful for.

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal.

May Allah make the rest of my predestined life easy to worship Him.


Schalfyzcha said...

Laaaa... rupanya kita ni sebaya.. Lolz:p

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Sorry I didn't wish you sooner. Blame fb. :)


Lollies said...

sya - so i tak boleh panggil you auntie lagilah ni ya? :P

rotidua - it's ok. actually i don't think i need a wish pun. looking at the diminishing youth years and sakit sana sini, more of a reminder that if not for the sudden death but an increase age will bring us to the inevitable. This post is a reminder to myself of the loss of pleasure when i am at 38 and the pleasure that he retains for me. Indeed what He retains is so much more.

Alhamdulillah foe being alive and getting to know all of you.

Anonymous said...

damnit. only 1 grey hair?
imagine how many grey hairs I have? a lotttttttt it's soooo prominent that even my own uncle commented, "eh eh ada uban?"

I hope it will be silvery hair like my baba :P


elle said...

happy bday kak lollies..saya -7 dr kak lollies..haha..have a great day..;p

YATI said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday to you.
Mine will come excatly 2 months after yours.:)

Wishes you happier than ever in obeying ALLAH command.Take good care of yourself & Family


Lollies said...

nonah - my gynae has nice all silver hair. Looks posh i think. LOL

elle - May Allah grace your age without sakit-sakit yang tersebut di atas. :D

yati - oh wow! i err didn't know that. maybe i do know but too old to remember. anyway I wonder about our mums when they had us. masa raya mesti best.

zan said...

happy belated birthday lollies *muahhhsss* but only 1 grey hair? i'm so jealous!!

tak tau pun ur b'day i might hv missed it on fb :D