Saturday, October 02, 2010

Jangan jadi hipokritlah

When I related the story of Bee earlier, I realised that I wrote this part. That the other lady was only doing solah initially sebab terpaksa.

Reminded me of the story of Hamzah Abdul Mutalib radiallahu anhu. Remember how he came to islam? It was initially out of him defending Rasulullah sallahu aliahi wasalam who was hit by the despicable Abu Jahal. Out of spontaneity he also told Abu Jahal that he is now a Muslim, believing in the one God and the religion that his nephew was teaching. Much to the dismay of the other mushriks especially Abu jahal himself. But he is Hamzah. Well known for his bravery even in his mushrik days. So they left him at that.

But Hamzah went home and realised what he had said. Am I really a Muslim? What have I done, he'd probably said. He then asked Allah to show him the truth from the wrong. And Allah guided him after that.

Hamzah later on became the Lion of the Dessert always at the forefront of Islam. He became a martyr in The battle of uhud. May Allah accept his deeds.

Do not underestimate your lack of sincerity when you started off to do deeds that you know are commanded. Many times when we want to put the step on doing good, we would be overcome by insecerity, laziness and the feeling of hypocriteness.

Rather if it is already a command of Allah, go ahead and over time fight the feeling of inserity. Ask Allah that He show you the correct path.

This include putting on the hijab for instance. Many times i was overpowered by the whispers of Shaytan, alaaa jangan jadi hypocritelah. Pakai tudung tapi jahat nak buat apa? True pakai tudung tapi jahat buat apa. But remember Allah asks us to do all good and obey His command. So we do and strive. Because that is what life is. Striving.

Like what I have said in my post AGENT OF CHANGE. What you need to concentrate not on making your slightly weak side worse, but rather to enhance your good side. Do what Allah commands and work hard to please Him. Ask Allah for sincerity in your heart and Insya Allah, Allah will open up more doors for you.

I was watching in dismay when a lady said, "takkan I dah balik haji tetiba i nak jadi baik, Assalammualaikum she said mockingly. Kita jangan jadi hipokritlah." Do we become even more of a hypocrite when we are striving to obey Allah's command and wanting to please Him even with all the weakness in ourselves?

Jangan jadi hipokritlah is an old Shaytan's trick to make you procrastinate. Don't allow them to trick you anymore! Win over our greatest enemy!

Jom change.