Monday, October 18, 2010


My class has started. And thus storm is brewing.

This is my fourth year in my class and understandably it is getting harder.

In the tajweed class the teacher was stressing on my ihfaq. I have managed to get that "kaf" sound of it but now she wants me to move the tongue to move to the next letter's makhraj. And I am finding it difficult to do all the min shahri... in both suratun Nas and Al Falaq.

Not to mention the letter ain when it has kasrah and dommah.

May Allah make it easy for me and all of us.

I have a new arabic teacher who is so cute Masya Allah. Masya Allah, I am amazed that she herself is taking up english course so she can communicate with the non-arabs like me. Masya Allah. Allahumabareek. And she is not getting paid at to teach us. And she doesn't have to trouble herself for she can teach the arabs which would be far easier for her.

I find many arabs are like this. When they do daawah, they'd go all out. So sometimes when people talk badly about them, I am just happy that I have met many are beyond good. May Allah increase their reward.

We will continue with our tafseer class. Through skype this time you, because my beloved teacher, may Allah bless her, has now moved to Egypt. So, Insya Allah, we will still continue lessons with her through skype. The problem with lessons through network is unstable lines.

And we have new aqeedah class (WITH EXAMS!!). I am also taking Quranic Arabic which concentrates on grammar used in quran. It's tougher but the best part is, it brings out alot of the quran words to explain a particular grammar. Even if I am lost in the mudhof ilaih, maf'ul bih, fael, feel and apa lagi entah, I am just happy that I learn at least one word from the quran. I am easy to please.

The storm is brewing but I am already feeling that two hands are not enough. My mind is continually making time-planning of what I should do now and the next hour and the next hour until i get to sleep.

If you do not know already, I am particular about my time schedule. And I get agitated when my scheduled is disrupted.

The thing is many times, the one who disrupt my own schedule, is myself. But being a mother, lover, student, driver, strategist, planner, chef, tukang mop require flexibility in the time. So as much as I want to sleep early (because subuh is at four in the morning), I find myself getting excited writing out notes for K@f@ or the kids' halaqah. I have passed the bedtime and my eyes are as big as saucers.

I need a stick perhaps because the carrot is already right in front of me.


أم الليث said...

MashaAllah that's a full plate :D
Very exciting indeed
You certainly are buzz buzz buzzing with enthusiasm

Keep it up!

zan said...

oh wow such a pack schedule! really admire your enthusiasm lolies, you are my inspiration you know.

kadang tu mulut i mengomel ckp penat x 10 but i always think of you, if you can do it, why can't i do the same??

mosh said...

I'm having difficulties deciphering the last sentence.

Lollies said...

dear friends - actually too much shame, but a necessity, i ask to quit two halaqahs and apparently the other sisters who are working with the teens pun nak quit . so there you go. Three weekend activities leaving me to three now. Alhamdulillah.

I had burnt-out feeling last year. This year I'd like to pay quality attention to what I have. And last year, I was too tired, I neglected alot of social ajr, like visiting people either sick and dapat anak. So perhaps better arrangement this year.

Howlah to emulate ABu Bakr As Siddiq like this.

Mosh - it is the proverb carrot and the stick. Carrot as in reward, stick as in the pushing factor.

masdiana said...

Allahumma baarik... we get what we intended insyaAllah, even if we never really actually get to do what we intended. so have big intentions, even if rasa tak cukup tgn etc - Allah will make things easy for you insyaAllah. :-)