Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ubat Jerawat

I got quite fed up with the jerawats on my face. I have gone to the dermatologists many times. I was also given antibiotics to be eaten and to put on the the said troubled area.

Alhamdulillah, Allah has allowed the ubats to reduce the pimples presence . But upon finishing the ubats, the pimples came back. Most of the time, big and prominent.

Anyway apparently the jerawat issue has been my concern since 2005. This is made apparent in the blog posts I have.

There is one here in 2005. Subhanallah, I remembered 2005 was a hard year for me. For us the whole family. HArd in terms of monies but I remembered being happy. So this is the post on jerawat in 2005.

Another mentioning of jerawat also in May 2005. An attempt to clear the skin by going facial.

In 2007 was the year the jerawat erupted full blown and caused alot of damage. I was already in Qatar then. HERE

In this post another mentioning that my past time hobby is playing with the jerawat. Hahhahaha

The jerawat was so bad that my children can play connect the dots with it. HERE.

Probably the last mentioning of jerawat in 2008 HERE.

Even though it is the last mentioning but it does not mean it has recede. Subhanallah I was too frustrated with it to even mention in the blog anymore. Like I said I went to the doctors many times. Qadr Allah, the jerawat just refuse to leave the face.

Finally I said that was it! I mean if the problem persists after so many attempts surely there is something wrong with the attempts. I decided to use traditional remedy. I have nothing to lose anyway.

I took out a cinnamon stick. Grind it at the bottom of the pestel. Bontot lesung. A bit of water to create the paste. And rub the paste on the protruding pesks. It hrts abit when you first apply it. But Alhamdulillah it didn't cause trouble like the ubat did. SOme of the antibiotics will only stunt the growth but will leave the jerawat like that. So I had millions (exaggeration) of stunted growth jerawat on my face. Add that to the newly coming ones.

Subhanallah the cinnamon paste, not only stunt the growth but made it smaller too. It would leave a black dot for a while. If at the right place on the face, some people might mistake me with Marilyn Monroe. But soon after, bi idznillah, it went away.

Yesterday I was visiting some friends who just came back from hajj. (May Allah accept their hajj). One of the ladies are now under the acne attack. So I shared them my experience. even made demonstration and seletkan kat muka dia. She felt a little stinging pain on the naughty acne. If Allah allows it, the jerawat will go away.

I used to bring my Dalacin-T everywhere. especially when I go back to Malaysia. Now I armed myself with a cinnamon stick. Bi Idznillah this will be an asbab for the jerawat to go away. Err not the lesung though.

So share lah if you have other traditional remedies.


asGROWLen said...

I tot Jerawats and its scars gives you character.

I have had big zits since I was small, ok along the way lost of confidence creeps in, girls shun you but hey I am still alive.

I shall share with you a secret on how to get rid of your private line!

Lollies said...

azen - adds character? to the guys maybelah. so do share your secret. waahh sampai secret-secret mah?

MULAN said...

haaaa.. dalacin t..!! simpan jgk dolu2... tapi itu cinnamon kan, amat lah berdesing nya telinga kalau pakai.. perit woo..

Anonymous said...

have you tried applying yogurt to your face over night?

it helped me a lot.

*your follower*

Lollies said...

mulan - tapi it works kan?

follower (he he) - eh tell me tell me more about this.

Anonymous said...

Just apply them ovr night b4 going to bed.

My teenage nephew with pimples all over diligently applied them everynight and Alhamdulillah his pimples have reduced a lot.

An Indian friend of mine taught me this "petua" :)

Hansac said...

Notice a lot of those SKII apa jadah tu banyak yang banyak ada protein? So find protein-based cream etc.

Kalau tak menjadi jugak, pakai kertas pasir no. 8. Gosok sampai hilang.

BabyBooned said...

coooolies!! i'm gonna try this on the hubs!!!! he's spent probably thousands already! cinnamon sticks murah. heheeheheheheeee

zan said...

muka u berjerawat ker? tak nampak pun! but you are so very the rajin lah lollies..i let mine make the grand apperance hahah..i used to apply the aloe vera gel straight from the plant itself :)