Friday, March 18, 2005

All you have to do is ask.

Whenever there is a wedding, Haziq will always ask if there would be any cake. He associates wedding and cakes.

We went to a wedding this week, for indeed this is a wedding season. ..and there was cake alright. Two tiers. Haziq pointed out..Ibu..cake

I pretented I didn't hear because really, I'm not going to bother about this cake. I'm not sitting at the main table. So I don't really feel like I will actually get a piece. Secondly, wedding cakes are not nice enough for my taste.

You know the shenanigans of cake cutting during weddings. Whenever they do cut up the cake, the bride and groom will be forced to humiliate themselves by spooning each other the cake. Preferbally if the icing would leave a moustache mark on the groom, that'll be such a comic relief. Sometimes they use a long sword to cut the cake. Cutting cakes can be as ceremonial as the wedding itself.

And wedding cakes are not meant to be cut and distributed to everyone. Especially if they use the long sword. The cake will really be eaten up later. Much much later, definitely after I have long gone home. I do not intend to stay that long.

So I forced the kids to sit with me. Hopefull Haziq'll forget about the cake.

He asked again for it. I told him, It's not cut yet

Then he went on and played with his sister.

After a few minutes he come back When are they going to cut them?

Haziq, really if you want cake, we'll get them when we go home later ok.

But that's different. I want this one.

Really wedding cakes are not that nice.

How do you know?

Trust me..I'll get you the one at Secret Recipe.

Now that'll keep him quiet. A promise or a bribe, really, in return for him to stop asking. That'll work.

Then the charade start. The couple cut up the cake. People made jokes. They are forced to spoon each other, as predicted. . The couple looked emberassed. People were happy. They were cautious though. No moustache.

Then I saw Haziq standing there, eyes wide locked on the cake. He was armed with a weapon. A lethal weapon. A piece of plate!

Kek ni nampak sedap. Boleh mintak satu?

Then he lifted the plate to the bride and flashed his winning smile.

Everybody was actually stunned.


Nobody..nobody actually talk and ask for cakes during that time. Centre stage and all. And nobody really know Haziq there.

The bride laughed and cut up a slice and put it on his plate. (She passed the attitude test that day. The Bride's Attitue Test towards children. You don't know this test? The test do exist. Trust me.)

Haziq said thank you. Left the stage, momentarily, then turned back to the bride.

Satu lagi boleh. Adik sayalah. Saya lupa.

And he got it. He walked away grinning with his priced cakes.

He walked towards me still grinning.

The rest of the children and their mothers and their fathers and grandpas and grannies just looked at the cake they dare not ask.

Haziq told me, you want anything Ibu, you just ask.

I was right about one thing though...the cake was not that nice.


superunknown said...

haziq memiliki sifat2 kamikaze.. huhu.. mesti ikut bonda dia.. but actually i'd never been to weddings dat ade potong2 cake all ma life.. either tgk tv or majalah.. again.. where have i been? sebek kek tak sedap.

Lollies said...

ibu dia sekarang ni dah penakut..

CN said...

gentleman lah anak u !..

at least dia tak nangis guling2 kat majlis tu..

atenah said...

bravo for haziq, ni baru cucu hang jebat

Lollies said...

Che Ngah - bebudak ni kalo guling-guling, memang nak kenalah tu

Tenha - Pssstt lover aku tu memang orang Melaka

Lollies said...

I mean Tenah..

atiza said...

that's my boy..
you taught him right..
just not the right ocassion je..

Lollies said...

aku tak ngajo dia pun..aku sendiri takuuuttttt. Ni musti dapat kat ayah dia ni, tak tau malu..

lion3ss said...

Gosh...sungguh berani and thoughtful (asking for a piece for his sister!) Haziq ni!

I bet you the other kids in the hall were just dying to do the same, wishing they had the guts Haziq showed!

Lollies said...

Haziq is actually quite thoughtful..or dia tak nak adik dia makan dia punya cake I tak taulahh...

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