Monday, March 07, 2005

This is to my friend LNDA

You have probably noticed my coldness this past few weeks. I am sorry..I am sorry my dear friend. I am sorry for making you feel that way.

So much is happening this month. The moving, the dungeon master some people call boss, life and you. You are actually part of it. Yes you dear. You know despite me encouraging and being happy that you are actually moving OUT to a greener field..I feel sad. I guess I don’t show it well..I’m not good with handling emotion.

Then I thought what the heck am I being so selfish about..this is nothing about me.


I am glad we talked..which is unlike me really..It is assuring that we are still friends…and I am glad that it is you.

As much as it is tough to not have you around, it’s probably even tougher for you to adjust to the new place, new people.

Well like a good friend I must say this to you. Give them time to open up. Soon they’ll find out how a wonderful person you are..I did.

Also as you may know girls take time to warm up..that’s why we need foreplay. Mana boleh serbu-serbu aje. Having said that, please don’t start kissing people’s arses, at least not literally.

I am quite a jealous girlfriend.

Little rose taken from my little garden


lynnette said...

Dearest Lollies,

When you asked me to read your new blog, never crossed my mind there'd be a posting on me. Ya la....siapalah saya. When I read it, I am sincerely touched. I can assure you I won't be able to find your replacement here and my warming up session is really progressing very slowly dear. It is challenging to change "place" at this point.....Luv

Being1 said...

nice one kak loli. and the ending was awesome. heh.

Being1 said...

sorry coz nyampuk here kak loli. the posting sounds private. sorry again.

Lollies said...

linda - I miss you

superunknown - heh! heh! no worries..if it is private it won't be in the blog ;-)yang ending tu yang mana "Little rose from little garden" ke?

lynnette said...

Miss you too bebeh...Macam bercinta plak. Ahaks.If you're reading the comments gartblue....aku rindu kat ko gak
Lollies, thank you for teaching me the emoticons. Good student and even better teacher.

Lollies said...

gartblue doesn't come here..I haven't told her yet..

atenah said...

loving me, loving you aha......(ABBA song)

Lollies said...

woo i pun minat ABBA..I nak blonde hair macam awek tu gak..