Wednesday, March 23, 2005


This is a risky one to take.

Actually I have posted this lama dah kat my other blog. This is just a revisit.

Have you ever seen this piece of vandalism around you? This particular scribble was taken on one of the columns under the Kerinchi Link highway along the Jalan Pantai Baru, near the University of Malaya. Sadly there are many of this "graffitis" there. I pass this road every day and I find it a real pain-in-the-eyes!

Bukan kat Kerinchi aje, ada kat Abdullah Hukum, Jalan Klang Lama and somewhere kat Mid Valley.

Somehow Dato’ Sri Anwar punya die-hard supporters must have thought that it is best to scribble the occasion of welcoming him home on the public’s property. Personally, I think even he wouldn’t favour this act at all. But tak pernah pulak I tanya kat dia.

Surely there are better ways to inform the public than spraying the columns!!

Alahai rerakan semua, kalau kita agak-agak nak conteng pun, tolonglah buat graffiti yang cool sikit. Ada tempat tu ejaan pun salah. Sekurang-kurangnya tunjukkanlah ke creativityan kita as Malaysians.

This is not a classic case of Handwriting on the Wall.



Being1 said...

i don't think those graffiti are made by the die-hards of Mr. Anwar. it looks likely done by those 'mainstream' supporters who didn't knew anything about HIM except the court case allegations. maybe the mat rempits, the drop outs or rebellious teens strivin to be kewl and anti-social etc.

CN said...

remind me of the bbc documentary bout the IRA and sein fein die-hard fan .. it was certain area/building/block, tht the supporter drew a huge graffiti on the wall, and they do it in a creative way..

imagine our gomen allowed us to do so..sure 'meriah'

shidah said...

somehow i agreed with superunknown, sebab kalau orang yang penyokokng setia....mesti ikut nwar punya style ...... cool aje....

Captain Barbell said...

lollie ni jalan jalan bawak kamera ke? :))

Lollies said...

superunknown and shidah - hey I actually like that makes me feel err better in a way. apa pun vandalism is still vandalism regardless of the message

che ngah - sedap sikit mata memandang ek?

Paul - Yeah actually I do...Jalan jalan ambik gambar ...I tak ada palm..:-(

Anonymous said...

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