Friday, June 10, 2005


Let me bore you dear..

1. How many books do you own.

Hmm I have never counted my books. Does anyone ever count their books in the first place? I have many books. Shelves and shelves of them. Now many books everywhere. I think the question should be, what kind of books do you like..really. So I’ll change the question, because I like it okay. I’m going to change it. You have a problem with that. Huh? Huh? He he.. Maybe you should also ask me about books I hate..but nahhh I’m not going to write that one.

The thing is I like books on history or people who made it into history. I don’t really read books about life, romance and sorts. Sometimes I don’t even buy books which are “in”. My “in” books are not “in” to many people.

I like books about prophets of sorts. The last one I reread was Kisahsul Anbiya’(stories of the prophets and prophecies). This one is written in Jawi (Arabic fonts) the old Jawi. This is the kind of book I like to read. When I have the time I frequent the Pekan Buku bookstore in University of Malaya. They have good books sporadically placed there. I bought simple books by Mohamad Yasin Owadally-Short stories of the adventures of the historical prophets and others.

OK I like histories, folklores and myths which have truth in it. If you want to buy me book, buy me historical books of heroes and adventures. My lover bought me the book The Perished Nations by Harun Yahya. I love it.

If you want to kill me, buy me a romance book. Having said that I do like classic books. I love Daphne du Maurier. Jamaica Inn is an adventure book, seamed with a bit of romance, not too much..just a bit. I liked it so much, I even visited Jamaica Inn in Devon. That much I like and imagine myself at the breathtaking cliffs and watch out for pirates of the Land’s End. Errkk digress. That, I like. And starting from that I begin to read classics. I read Frankestien – Mary Shelley’s and can’t help feeling sad for the monster. This book is really an introduction to DNA.

And of course the rest of romance classics do come in the picture, you know stuffs by Jane Austen, Bronte sisters and sorts. This one I give lee way. I like them.

And I think..ehem..ehem Lord of the Ring sounds like the mix story of Prophet Solomon..and Moses and David, if you ask me.

Tag me again in five years time..I might be a changed person. Time does change our way of thinking and perspective too.

2. What is the last book you bought

Funny that I am tagged by the berrybear himself. My last book was Animal Farm by George Orwell :-P. I can’t help laughing. Read his entry again and you know why. Maybe I should write about this book in the BookLover group..but can you write about a book as classic as this?

3. What is the last book you re-read.

I actually like to reread. It gives me new perspective of things. The last book I reread is RUMI – Poet and Sage.

4. The 5 books you would take with you to a desert island.

I have no problem..because in the desert island I happen to be stuck in has this huge old, dusty library like the one in the Lord of The Rings old, old basement full of sripts and suddenly I can read Hebrew and read the Dead Sea Scroll, there was even the Tabut where the tablets of the ten commandments still intact there. Drool, drool. You archeologists out there, I know what happen to the Shroud of Turin.

Dead Sea Scroll, Tablets of Ten commandments, Shroud of Turin..all in my hand..MINE!!!

I can also read Arabic and translate the great work of the philosophers. I can tap the mind of Phytogras and read the work of Nostra Damus and understand his true prophecy, no more guessing, no more speculating. I will shout Eureka because too much knowledge here in the desert island.

Then there, stuck there was also Ibn Sina (Avicenna)..he build me a great palace full of secret passages. Behind the palace was this enchanting palace, with elves and magic, and tinkerbells and scents and an edible house.

I also have a friend..the beautiful Queen Nefertiti..she had loads of makeups, blue kohl eye shadow, perfume to seduce and all. Now what I need is a man to seduce with.

Not to mention the Da Vinci dude, yeah he was there and he will tell me, whether he is truly a gay guy. Or whether he really adores woman. Then I’ll show him my Self Portrait too and he, in return, will be so much at awe at my creation. Then he will draw a picture of me, wearing this necklace, only this. He will probably build some flying machines and we will be guinea pigs, trying to cheat death with them. And I told him, Dude Vinci, you really should do something with your beard put this wax on

Finally there was also Salehuddin Al Ayubi. He will recite poems after poems and will tell me, how the heck did he unite the people back then and conquered the holy land. How and how..

Oh ok, my likings are a bit strange..

5. Name 5 people you are tagging.

I don’t think I’m going to tag anyone. If you want go ahead and do this. I like to read them.


aieyangbosan said...

mmg pelik2 buku hang baca..

lollies said...

aku sebenarnya seorang yang pelik. betul..tu baru tip of the iceberg. buku pelik lan aku tak tulis lagi tu. asal ko bosan?

atiza said...

aku kena ganti boss gie seminar monday ni..jumping midwife lagik..kau punya YM apa yek?

shidah said...

kat sini pun ada org main kejar2?

Sunflora said...

Hehehe I actually enjoyed reading this! Looks like you had fun writing it!

lollies said...

shidah-tak faham

sunflower-sebenarnya i ketawa terbahak-bahak. nak-nak bila da vinci urut beard dia. he is a weird funny guy.

Anonymous said...

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