Friday, June 03, 2005

Not a Sentimental Person

Dear Friend,

If you must know, I am not a sentimental person. I don't crave for long lost friend. The parable,Abscence makes the heart growth fonder, doesn't really apply to me. But not exactly Out of sight, out of mind either.

I do think of you every now and then.

I wonder whether you are super busy in your life, yeah I do think of that.

I wonder if you are getting along fine with your friends.

I wonder if they will see you for the wholesome person that you are.

I wonder if your family is well. Your kids and all.

I wonder alot.

But I don't easily type friendly chit-chat emails to ask how your kids are doing. Nor do I send sms every other day to ask about the game you had. Nor do I make calls often to gossip about current politics in my office.

Do you at times feel that it's always you who initiates?

If you don't ask, I never bother?

All your other friends email you all the time?

All your other friends give you a call now and then?

All your other friends know the happenings of your life?

And all I do is have a one and half hour lunch with you...practically every week.

I am just not a sentimental person.

But don't judge me bad. Please don't.

Don't jump into your pool of suspicions. Don't assume things, with me. Don't compare me with your friends. You know I am not the same with them.

I am just not a fast enough a person. I call at the very last minute, with no intention of malice. No other intention and no other reason other than not used to it. If that is a good enough reason for you. I am not used to doing that. And I apologise.

Sometimes I don't even know what to say...I am not that good a girlfriend. I am a lazy girlfriend.

But please, don't make me take away my sincerity.

Because sometimes...I easily do that.


hana_kirana said...

still jumpa, kira ok lah tu... macam kawan saya ni... saya call dia, dia marah-marah lak. kecik ati saye.

Anonymous said...

i sense this is ur heart doing the talking. my heart agree a lot sis. i'm attempting to do what uve already become as told in ur posting.

atiza said...

oh oh..wak heppeng?

Anonymous said...

well, HULLO, lazy girlfriend !

Anonymous said...

hana - aik..asallak dia marah-marah? Dia sedih kot you jauh dari dia.

wan- I've read ur entry dulu. Call jugaklah kawan-kawan you.

atiza - aku pemalaslah nak call orang. Wei bila nak makan dengan Yieng ni?

paul - errr helloooooo, hello. Cik Paul buat apa tu? Cik Paul nak pinjam Da Vinci ka?

atiza said...

next week la..aku bz last week sbb opening ceremony semlm. aku tukang buat kerja je..perginya tidak..

friday lar ek? sapa kata kau mls call org? kau slalu call aku..

Anonymous said...

dah bosan kawan lama.. dulu konon kawan idup mati.. better tukar cara kawan biasa2 je.. byk lagi kawan baru lagi best.. jadi apa2 tak la terasa sgt mummy.

Anonymous said...

see aku call sesekali aje...not enough kot.

wn - I have many new friends here. Tak pernah jumpa pun. well ada some I have met..

Anonymous said...

Laaa...baru have time to read. Tu pun because I'm reading your blog during a long meeting (I've got a new laptop..yeah)I guess the write up was meant for me due to my comments last Thursday, yes? Sorry mate, am not sentimental either(you think I am..?)'s just that I don't have that many close friends and I wish to keep you guys...unless the feeling is not mutual.

Anonymous said...

you are too suspicious of me... I am not a nice person..but I am not bad either

Anonymous said...

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