Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sneezing and Eyes

Do you know that when you sneeze, you would have to close your eyes as well. Closing your eyes is one of many automatic muscle movements you make when you sneeze. Since sneezing puts a lot of pressure on your head and respiratory system, your eyes close to protect themselves. Some people think they may even pop out if they don't close!

But this phenomenan can be dangerous. Especially when you are driving on an unfamiliar highway with medium sized traffic and everyone drives at more than 120km/h.

Ahchooo...brake! brake!

Achooo. Open eyes..errk..someone cut your way from immediate right to ge to the junction.

Ahchoo.....keep hands still

Ahchoo. Open eyes..errkk.. did I miss the junction?

If you are with me in the car, would you wish me "Bless you"?


an0nymous-ign0ranus said...

stumbled upon your site thru a link in Flora's.

about sneezing, i once read that sneezing is even more satisfying than sex. 'smatter of fact, it is one of the three activities that will bring keghairahan to us humans: the other two sex and eating.

heh heh ... i love sneezing.

Anonymous said...

I've always thought berak is satisfying. Hmm.I think I prefer sex kot. heh heh

Leen AshBurn said...

I would probably jerit "OI TENGOK JALAN DAR DEY!" before saying bless yeww kot hehe. This post reminds me of a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon strip: He hopes to sneeze so bad that he would get out of his skin heheheh.

Anonymous said...

me never felt dangerous; sneezing while driving. i tot i was in control all the time. my hand doesn't move a bit. and the sneezing took mere few seconds. hope it doesnt cause any lack of concentration in da future.

Anonymous said...

driving okay lagi mummy

time bawak motor? aaa tii choo

pon pon pon ..kete depan hon


atenah said...

ha ha ha very funny but true, geram betul kalau miss simpang when driving in the klang valley. the comments osso funny

Anonymous said...

wan - ahaa that's what you thought.

cn-woo kalo bawak motor lagi horror

atenah-heh heh

Anonymous said...

i would say bless myself coz i'm still intact..

aku kan selfish sell fish..lebih kurang la tuh!

hana_kirana said...

Bless you..!


Anonymous said...

aie & hana - thank you. :-)

Anonymous said...

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