Friday, August 26, 2005

Sya At It Again!

My lover went to the bank this morning and brought Bartrisyia along. It was a good day. Sya was chirpy, her usual self. Me..I am still on leave. Busy minding Zachary who was not in a good mood.

I was putting him to sleep when my handphone rang. I cursed under my breath. Phone ring might wake Zachary up. It was my lover.

Apparently it was a frantic call.

Lollies! Sya hit her head and now its' bleeding!"


Sya..she was jumping around when I was at the till..and she hit the partition..right on her head!

How is she doing? Is she ok?

Well she looks ok..but the slit is deep..I think she may need some stitches.


So now do you want to see her first or should I take her to the clinic straight away?

Now..I really wanted to see her and hold her. I wanted to be there when she is stiched if she were to be stiched..and then I want to strangle her! Goodness! What's with her and mishaps nowadays?

But I must be practical. I know strangling is not the answer, so I said, my lover should go ahead and do whatever is right.

She got stiched alright. *Sigh*

The doctor said she was brave though. She cried little.

I think she was afraid to cry. She was afraid that ayah would tell her off. She was afarid Ibu would tell her off. And when Ibu is angry, hell is really near.

But I this is not the right time to say I told you so. The stitches is quite enough. Some things come out better when it is not even uttered.

I hugged her though and later she slept for two hours. Her head must have hurt.

Later in the evening I bought her a Barbie bag for being a brave girl in the clinic.

After I wrote this, while I was putting the kids to sleep, Sya, unprovoked, said " look like Neo."


Two seconds silence.

Then whoa! Neo!

My lover kissed Sya and hugged her laughing.

Wow! Sya definitely scored with her dad.

And my lover definitely scored with me tonight. Yummy Neo you.


atn said...

ha ha ha ha clever Sya, she will have her man wrapped around her fingers, i bet. cam ibu dia he he

aie said...

aircond 10hp la Sya nih..ada harapan boleh jadik politician :)

lollies said...

atenah - part yang comel memang ikut ibu dia.yang caeless semuanya dari ayah dia. he he

aie - oh no Datuk Sti Paduka Batrisyia..ok ke tu?

1 said...

prone sungguh sya ni. sian ibu nak luruh jantung selalu. oh well, if jadi politician nnt, berbaloi lah all this mishaps.

lollies said...

itulah dia. hopefully dijauhkanlah mishap yang lagi teruk

Leen Ash Burn said...

Harap-harap Sya wont grow up macam I - tiap2 kali end of school day (before cuti semester) ada luka kat kaki lah, telinga berdarah laa, kaki terpleot laaa hehehe.

Hidup Sya!

lollies said...

eh leen i baru teringat you pun ada tercukur bulu kening jugakkan

Anonymous said...

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