Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Respect the Glorious Stripes

Do you know that the idea of flying a flag grew from the requirements during the ancient ware fare and battlefield? Since the warriors need to know where the leaders are, the custom of carrying a pole was then adopted. With a zing of creativity, emblems like shield, animal or religious device are used for identification.

Flags became much more elaborate, and were seen as objects to be captured or defended. Eventually these flags posed too much danger to those carrying them. Imagine being promoted as the flag carrier. Gulp! After the World War 1, flags are used in ceremenouis occasion until now.

Some people said it’s the Chinese who first use the flag and same said it’s the Romans. Well, the vexillologists will need to debate on this.

Now the popular use for a flag is to symbolize the nation and can provide inspiration and an overwhelming feeling of someone seeing their flag flown for a good reason. You can observe this during International sport like Olympics and so forth.

Today is Malaysian 48th Independence day. This is also the month where you can observe flags flown everywhere. Little flags on the car. Little flags with those little cheap sweets, flags on the building, flags at residential homes, commercial buildings..everywhere. They come in various sizes. Indeed the previous month must good business for flag making manufacturer.

As much as we want to show our love for the country by putting up the national flag on indeed an important day for the nation, there are some things we need to remember to show respect to the flag all the time. Even after the 31st August.

Sometimes I see some people carelessly, in the awe of flying the flag, allow the flag to be dragged on the ground. Oh no! A flag must never be treated that way. That is disrespect to the flag and thus the nation. Take care of your flag.

And tattered or faded flag should be removed with a new flag. Sometimes you see those little flag they put on the car, patriotically flying with the speedy breeze, tattered and black after being exposed to pollution. But that is not patriotic. Please remove it. We want to see the glorious stripes. We don't need another indicator on how bad the pollutin is.

When a flag is in such condition, you know when it is no longer a fitting emblem of display, it should be destroyed in a dignified way. Preferbally by burning it in private with all due care and respect. No one is allowed to burn the Nation’s flag in the open though. You only see flag burning during demonstration of protest nowadays. This is indeed a symbolic way of putting down a nation.

Please be sure that the flag is always flown the correct way up. Flying the flag upside down is a sign of National’s distress.

Our Ministry of Information was in his distress mode again, because people are not flying the flag as much as he like. I also hope he will take great care of all the flags that he displayed on the building of Angkasapuri. Don't worry Mister Minister, people do love this country. We just do no want the flag to be misused.

Respect the National’s flag. Respect our “Jalur Gemilang” or Glorious Stripes.

Alhamdullilah the country has gone 48 years of independence from the British. Peace.



Flag flag

Where I got my flag picture


ninuk said...

Selamat Merdeka Lollies - ada keluarkan lollypop version merdeka ke ?

shidah said...

last sunday, my father told the same stories about the usage of flags in wars, something like if the flag goes down they'll lose.. my kids terlopong dengar.

1 said...

cantik sungguh star spangled banner tu. heheh.

kudos to enche' (shud be datuk) mohamad bin hamzah.

lollies said...

ninuk - merdekakan diri anda dari gula2. ha ha. tak ada read aloud merdeka ke ninuk?

shidah - wahh bestnya story..i pun suka gak nak dengar

wan - yes..tapi kan sebenarnya I don't like the stripes. macam US. But that doesn't make me less proud of it lah.

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Anonymous said...

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atiza said...

selamat merdeka to you too..

hang kena spammed

lollies said...

tulah dia. dia orang ni kalau betul2 baca entry aku tak apalah gak. komen yang relevant ke..

CikNi said...

walaupun hari merdeka, kita tak merdeka lagi dari spam

rumah aku tak psg bendera pun tapi aku tengok pendatang berizin punya rumah (kat blok aku ni ada lebih 10 buah) ada pulak psg bendera bsr2, tak tau la kot majikan depa suruh tapi sbb tak ada org sponsor kat aku, maka aku pun tak psg lah (alasan konon)

lollies said...

aku pun tak pasang atas sebab-sebab tak tau maintain

Anonymous said...

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