Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Art of Apologising

When you know that you have angered someone, a genuine anger, the best thing you should do is apologise. Apologise must be done sometime after the heat of the moment. Not too soon, as the heat may blind the angered. But not too late either, that the anger have eventually turned to bitter hatred.

Please please don't delay dally for it will only make things akward. Regardless you think she is going to eat you up. (I'm using she here just to make reference easier. Nothng to related to anyone dead or alive or undead). Even if she does, finally both of you know where the situation stands. And may both of you rest in peace.

Try oh please try, to start the whole apologising thing first. For obvious reason of course.

And when you apologise, do do mean what you say. Win her heart. Plead sorry. Not beg, just plead. Be sincere. Look her in the eye. Regardless you think you are right. You need to calm her first. Utmost important. For her scorn is worst than hellfire.

Do not! And I repeat do not intermission it with your justification, your state of condition, your other friends, your atok, your nenek, the pokok and all that. It's not about you! It's about her heart. All these intermission are signals that you are trying to avoid the issue altogether.

Do not! In the process, make her feel like she is in the dock.

You are in the dock at the moment.

Calm her.
Make her believe that you are sincerely sorry.

For she can tell.

When she is calm, then only..again depending on the situation can you



explain your situation.


when she start debating too much

listen to her (after all you are the one at wrong)

when she is ready to listen, explain yourself.

You'll never know, she might end up feeling shit of the whole situation and in fact seek for your forgiveness instead.

However, I feel there is something missing in this whole thing.

Your rambling of yourself, your story of your small car, your story of your car made into sardine. your story that you are not ditching me, of you feeling hurt of me being angry at you because you lied to me in the first place.

What is the missing factor?

Could it be the lack of sincerity?

Why am I still sad?

I think brader, I penatlah jadi yang forgiving ni. I ingat I nak jadi bitch balik. At least I don't become a softee.


Anonymous said...

ahah! you should have just be ignoramus towards 'her' rather than having 'her' to explain 'her' indispicable and lowly low behaviour towards you..

can u see that i've used 'her' instead of just her :)

Anonymous said...

yeah I should have. the first time aku rasa menyesal

Anonymous said...

alamak...apahal nak kena verify lak nak bagi comment ni?

well, i think the best word would be ignoraNus...

Anonymous said...

bang banyak sangat spammerslah..bosan dan geram. hari tu awak punya pun ada kena. awak letak gambar makcik tu pun orang tak takut.

saya pun kena verify nak komen kat tempat sendiri. bosan

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