Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Past 33 Years

You know, I don't remember anything that happened 33 years ago. What was I like as a baby or even as a child. But then who does?

All I can see are records of myself saying a baby girl was born in the Government Hospital of Kluang on the 18th September 1972 at four in the evening. I was told by my mum that I was an easy baby. She didn't have much trouble with me.

She told stories of me cutting myself with the kitchen's knife over and over again. The over and over agin is the story that she repeated for so many years, not me cutting myself up. She always said this after telling people that I am an easy child to have.

Or when I swallowed up some slug like creatures. Eiiyyyuuu!

I don't remember any of this, of course. When was it that I start remembering things? I remembered my first day in school. I sat beside a terribly naughty girl who ended up being still the naughtiest girl throughout my entire 6 years in school. Just my luck. I remembered her talking so loudly and often got me talking back to her. I was trying to keep quiet most of the time and only that one time I spoke, the teacher would look up and looked at me and told me to be quiet. Happy memories, those days.

I went through my teenage life as a rebel. Even though now at 33, I didn't know what I was rebelling about. But yes I do remember some teachers I don't like. I always have problem with teachers. The only reason that I always squeeze myself from trouble is my good grades. And apparently many teachers who do like me are influential teachers. So I am sort of saved.

If there is one life time that I'd like to repeat, not to change, but to relive again is when I was in my first two years as a universty student. I was away from my parents and I didn't have a real boyfriend. It is in fact, bliss years. I was free to travel anywhere I want. I was my own king. And travel I did. Inter railing, back packing, camping, car renting...ahhh wonderful free youthful life.

But I don't want to change anything for what I have now. I am a wife and also a mistress to my lover. A mother to my three healthy children.

I think in general, I have mostly the things I want. Well I still do not own a bungalow in Si Hartamas and flashy car and what nots..but I am contented.

So at 33 years old..I can smile and be happy and am thankful to God even looking at the people in my household eating up the chocolate ice cream cake I got for myself today.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

Indeed I have.


Kak Teh said...

Lollies!! Happy birthday!!! alahai - mudanya lagi! - one day u'll get that bungalow in Sri Hartamas..Insyaallah!

Ni said...

hi lollies- hepi besday! Same-same lah kita ~~~virgo~~~ Same age also lah! Take care!

an0nymous-ign0ranus said...

eh eh eh eh eh HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY!!!

dah tua rupanya kita ni ek?

Anonymous said...

kak teh - sri hartamas ah? heh heh amin..

cik ni - eh! kita sebaya ya? i ingat you sebaya dengan riza? tapi ya kita virgo

babe - huwaaa..nasib baik nampak muda kan kita ni? cewah

atiza said...

happy birthday...
aku termiss boat..
heard from famy that the farewell bash was a blast..

Anonymous said...

weheheh baca aku punya modbloglah babe. yang tu aku tak masukkan kat sini

Anonymous said...

selamat ulang tahun kelahiran
panjang umur murah rezeki
yee haaaa

Anonymous said...

yeeee haaaaa. Timakasih CN

Sunfloraa said...

Happy Birthday Lollies. Like Kakteh I too doakan Insyallah you get that bingalow in Sri hArtamas. Moga Allah panjangkan umur, murahkan rezeki dan di lindungi dari semua penyakit sepanjang hayat.

Anonymous said...

waaa thank you SF thank you. you'll never know eh?

Ni said...

lollies, aku same batch ngan riza but not same age with him ;-)

Anonymous said...

ohhh ko pelajar pintar rupanya

Anonymous said...

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