Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lollies Tales

I was tagged by The Diva and Nazrah. Hope you won't get bored.

20 years ago, 1985 (age 13)

Okay big event this year was I was not accepted to any boarding schools. I was frustrated. I really was. So I decided to go to the only offer I got. It is a semi boarding school. It is a vernacular school. By the end of the first year..I hated it. I hated that most people are so narrow minded. I hated that they hated me too. Instead of conforming, like what they wanted, I retaliated and rebelled.

I left the school after my SRP (PMR now) to a normal school. I was 16 then. Why didn't leave earlier? I don't like leaving things unfinished sort off. SRP is sort of a closure and a new milestone can start after that. So I left after.

I am glad my parents were not too pressing about this.

Till now the experience affected me a lot and I am always skeptical with the products of such school. And probably I am what I am now because of the school too.

But anyway I ovulated when I was 13. And that was a relief. All my friends got their period at 12. I was a late bloomer. And it was my dad who spotted the blood on my school uniform. Imagine that.

10 years ago, 1995 (age 23)

I graduated from UMIST, Manchester. Woo hooo. Come on let’s celebrate and throw off hats into the air.

I also found someone I can really love back. Someone I can really really really return my love. I do know many guy friends. I must say for a non-looker, the list is errr not too bad. Unfortunately I was never sure or things before with other guys. Before I met this someone, I was already with another person. I had to leave him. Yes I was the bad one.

But I really really like this guy who is actually my opposite. This is the year we (this guy and I) found that difference does not mean being indifferent and we slowly learn to find our common liking.

After graduation my sponsor force ask me to come back to Malaysia. I wanted to continue with my Masters. They insisted that I come back first. So after years in the UK, this was the first time I am back.

The guy stayed on. I applied to do Masters. I was not answered. My boyfriend got worried I supposed. Call me one day and practically begged me to get engaged. The moment I sounded like a yes, he called his parents and his parents came two weeks later with a group of five cars, a ring and those betel leaves and some funny cakes and oh some kiwi fruits. I don’t know why but the older women love teasing me with kiwi fruits. Grrrrrr

The first time I saw my mother in law was when she actually put the ring one me. *shudder*

Anyway I was accepted to do my Masters. I didn’t tell my fiancĂ© though. I surprised him when after two months in Malaysia, I appeared in front of his door and said..”Hello handsome. Miss me?” Muahahah. He was smoking his head off.

5 years ago, 2000 (age 28)

Am married. Got Haziq. He is two this year.

I was bestowed with good tiding this year. Apparently I got so much money this year. I don’t know what happen to it all though.

I was on TV for some show and I decided that I need to put braces to my teeth.

I am promoted as well.

Am looking like 25.

3 years ago, 2002 (age 30)

Happily married. I have two tagging along now. Batrisyia is now one and Haziq is four. Life is perfect. How can it not be when you have a dotting husband a boy and a girl to boot.

Am still looking like 25

Last year, 2004 (age 32)

Still lustily married. I have three now. Boy, girl, boy.


Lover quit his job a month before I gave birth to Zachary. He was terribly stressed. He even had hypertension when he was working. He was warded for it too. He was constantly arguing with his boss, finally he decided to quit.

Zachary was lucky to have his dad doing nearly everything for him all throughout my confinement day.

A lot of cries, me and my lover. Well me mostly. It is hard tp be supportive and not critical at the same time with my lover. He tried a lot of things.

We had tremendous experience but little monetary.

But we are happy.

Start blogging.

Am thinking that I look like 25.

This year, 2005 (age 33)

Tough year this year. We begin to see people who are real friends and those who are taking advantage of us.

Have the banks calling us up asking us to pay stuff. You know house, cars etc. We resort to finally not picking up the phone. To the depair to some of my friends. (Sorry..but I have paid up now. You can start calling again)

Working towards changes in life.

But hey..I find that despite the argument, (money can make you argue a lot), we are really happy. He is around nearly all the time. The kids are closer to him than ever.

Haziq goes to primary school.

Batrisyia goes to kindergarten.

Zachary is also called Jackjack and off late – oompa loompa. Muahhaha

Feel like 25 and what? I look 25 ok!

Next year, 2006 (age 34)

Goodness..will I be in foreign land next year. Is this my last year working in the corporate world? An engineer?

I cannot see anything now.

The heat in the foreign land is blinding me.

I think looking like 30 is not too bad huh?

10 years from now, 2015 (age 44)

I have this big feeling that I won’t be in corporate world no more. And I hope life will give me good experience for me to venture into something new. Something that I would actually like and be happy.

I would also have perfect manicured and pedicured hands and toes. No white hair. Wrinkle free skin because I took great care of it.

Haziq is a handsome strong 17 year old nearly grown man. He will be wondering which school would he like to pursue his dream on. Oxford, Cambridge,..muaahahah. Up to himlah.

Sya is a teenager. Urrkkkk. She would be 14. I hope we are best buddies.

Zachary is 11. I will smother him with mummy’s yucky kisses and shout Ibu loves you in front of his friends.

People will also be commenting that I look half my age. You mean you are not 22? Nooooo serious? You look so 22.

Which steering to choose now?


Sunflora said...

You will be needing some warm clothing for the winter ;) The heat is not that bad ;) But I understand what you *really* mean :)

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

you are one lucky woman.

*sungguh dengki dengan kebolehan cikJolie yang berjaya mengekalkan kejelitaannya walaupun telah berumur lebih 50 tahun*

lollies said...

sunflora - you faham kan? kan? kan?

babe - tipsnya tak payah pakai pencuci muka yang mahal. ianya hanya akan membuat anda lebih tua. (kata2 orang yang pokai)

Frankensteina said...

Here's to you looking 25 forever ;)

lollies said...

frankie - woo hoo my look stop aging at 22-25. Muahahaha..

CikNi said...

i don understand

lollies said...

you mean the age?

atiza said...

ish..rupa kau kan macam masa aku kenal kau kat A-Level dulu..skit tak berubah, kan?

*make sure you bring extra wallet to belanja me lunch later*

lollies said...

dan atiza bukanlah orang yang suka menipu. betul percayalah kata2nya

atenah said...

hey i've seen yr pic in berrybear's blog, yes, you do look 25. honest, no bodek-king

lollies said...

alamak tenah..aku dah malu ni..yg 25 tahun ni acah aje.

ninuk said...

wowww tak tau pula you were on TV, rancangan apa ya ? may we (you and me) stay 25 all the wayyyyy .

lollies said...

alaa I masuk contest. Who wants to be a millionare. One time thing aje

Anonymous said...

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