Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Haziq the Politician

I bought some keropok lekor (fish crackers). Apparently they like to sell it in different sizes nowadays. There were the normal cut, slanted 4" long and now they also have it in bite sizes too. I actually like this bite size. You tend to pop more of it since you can finish quickly.

So me and the kids were eating it together out of the plastic bag, almost immediately after we bought it. There and then in the car.

Sometimes I like doing this with know all of us scurrying the plastic bag and eating fast. The rush of grabbing the food with the little ones are fun.

Typically the kids took the long ones first until the plastic ran out of it. Then Sya asked for another one..I gave her the bite size. And she was not happy about it. "I don't want this! I don't like it small!"

Before I managed to say anything, Haziq my eldest son, the sensible one, the one I can always rely to carry my policy of household, interjected.

"Sya..bite size is good especially for little kids. It's easier to eat too. Right ibu?"

Of course my dear eldest son. You are so right. One point from Ibu for the great wisdom.

Sya, outword, took it and eat it sulking.

Then Haziq wanted another cracker. I gave him the bitesize one because, I told you right, I ran out of the long ones.

And you know what? This much of his thoughtful advice to his little sister, exclaimed,"Hey! I don't want this! This is small! Give me the long one!"

So what do you think..should I groom him to be a politician from now on? Or at least a pop psychologist. You know anything that say one thing but do another.

On another note:

Zachary ran away twice while watching the news on TV. He ran away crying. Both were when Dato's Sri Najib came on TV. Hmmm..


Anonymous said...

lol, i saw u in bear's blog. waa u de very chun, cinonit and angguuuuun, very de wanita koperat look

Lollies said...

huwaaaa tolong. apasal gambar tu i nampak GEMUK????? Eh! I memang gemuk eh? huwaaaa sudah nampak oleh public. Tak rela I

an0nymous-ign0ranus said...

mana gambar mana gambar!!!??? nak tengok nak tengok nak tengok!!!!

Leen AshBurn said...

i vants to see also whereee whereeeee

Anonymous said...

Heh heh heh

Ni said...

bebudak ni dia 'faham' tapi 'tak faham', itu term cik, ur term - politician

Anonymous said...

nasib baik depa tak leh access flickr..fuh!!

i guess haziq is fit to become a politician. nanti aku leh tolong printkan banner muka dia..nak chap apa? dacing? roket? buku? kapal api?

Anonymous said...

aku nak strategise haziq punya education and exposure. Hmmm mana yang penting kebenaran atau kekayaan dan masa depan perut aku dan anak-anak serta cucu? thinking thinking

Anonymous said...

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