Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Dream Came True

I dreamt I misplaced my handphone last night. I looked for it, but not hysterically. I was just taking my time. Then I saw someone, a male friend of whom I could not remeber who it was now, now that I am not dreaming anymore.

I asked him to ring me, so I could guess where my handphone is. I just knew it is nearby. But you know handphones, keys, remotes..they all have brain of their own and certainly have the habits to be scurrying away the moment you lay your eyes off them.

The guy obliged. I recited my Malaysian handphone number. Even in my dream I can still remember that number.

Then some ring tone. Ahah! But instead of actually locating my handphone, I woke up! Startled!

My handphone was ringing!

In the real world!

Pinch! Pinch!

Oh! I set the alarm at 5:15 a.m.!


Anonymous said...

i certain states, we are in the middle between the material and spiritual realm.
so what happens in the material realm are being translated as another event in the spiritual realm, and our senses are awake when it happens,

Anonymous said...

my mum mimpi jumpa anak murid dia. then after she woke up, her anak murid calls her up nak jumpa.


Jill Yusoff said...

Alangkah indahnya kalau mimpi a new handphone berdering and to wake up to a new handphone :)

Lollies said...

saudagar mimpi - I find this simply amazing. nasib baik tak mimpi kencing ke apa ke

PB - that is even more amazing

dory - itu adalah lebih-lebih indah lagi

KakNi said...

lollies- mimpi kencing aku paling takut

Lollies said...

cik ni - ada ke apa-apa cerita yang nak di share?

Anonymous said...

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