Monday, January 16, 2006

School has Started!

Haziq and Sya finally went to school yesterday. Yes, on Sunday the 15th. We came on the last week of autumn term. So they have had a long holiday filled with TVs and cartoons and fighting among each other.

Haziq's school starts at 7:00 in the morning while Batrisyia's, 7:30. Both ends at 12:45. The schooling days are from Sunday to Thursday. Haziq is now in Year 3 and Batrisyia is in reception they call it.

I am telling you, it was hard to get them places in school now. These are for the facts that there are flux of people coming over to Qtar (including us) and also we came at the wrong time (school wise). I have emailed various schools in Doha , emailed them from Malaysia even, and the reply was bleaked. I was hoping that both of them get the same school so that it would be easier, logistically, in fact it would be easier for everything.

Not only I emailed, I called and I visited. But the visits were helpful, I must say. I met the principal of Doha College and she was very helpful. She told me a lot of things, but still couldn't give us any placement. Hmmff!

Picture : Batrisyia playing when she should be in clas already. Jack2 playing as well Only one school had a place for Haziq and none for Batrisyia. I send Haziq for the admission test (of which he wouldn't be accepted should he fail the test) and looked for other places for Batrisyia. Lady luck must have been near to Batrisyia for there is a small reception school within our compound. So they took her, and I told them about her english. The teacher told me though, that Sya did say a few words and seem to understand. So I told her, she watches cartoon a lot, which is mainly American, so a British accent would be slightly tough on her. And she said, well you've got a British accent yourself. I said, I am very flexible maaa.

Anyway, when Haziq was accepted to that school, which is by the way a bit far from my house, our next problem was logistics. This shall be blogged later. Batrisyia is just 5 minutes walk for me, but since I had to take Sya and the little tortoise, Zachary, it can take about 15 minutes. Picture : Haziq, wearing his school uniform, kicking a plastic toy, while waiting for the car to come.

It's a wonderful walk though in the morning. It is quite cold but very pleasant. I can still wear sandals even though my toes felt prickly. When Zachary and I head home, I gave him time to run around and look for ants or pick rubbish and pluck leaves from the bushes. Picture : Batrisyia on the way to school

A friend asked me this morning, "Tak boring ke bebudak tak ada?" I was like, are you kidding me, and I replied, "Tak lah! Lega sesangat. "

Tips: Bringing your kids here? Make sure you bring along your kids school record - translated if it is not in english. Bring their immunisation record as well


Sunflora said...

looks like you are settling in very well!

nyonya glenmarie said...

letak la gambar Uber Mommy nya sekali. (nyonya baru belajar the word 'Uber' from nazrah :))

Lollies said...

sf - i am the inadequate housewife trying to adapt

nyonya la mer - err uber tu macam piala badminton pompuan tu ya. what does it mean actually?

Captain Barbell said...

gotu goni, go to school

Trust said...


lifecuppa said...

school has started and you've got a chnace to explore on your own.

mesti byk nak settle tuh - barang2 dah habis unpack ke? now dah really settle or still at the temporary house?

mula2 ni chaos la kan, tak per lah adatlah tu...give yourself another 2 months - at that time, mesti dah smooth sailing..

Leen Ash Burn said...

I echo Sunflora - seems like you've settled right in, tapi sure ada banyak lagik menda2 nak buat.

How are *you* btw? :)

Lollies said...

saudagar mimpi- yes please share more songs

hansac- apasal tu? sakit lagi ke?

onde - actuallynya it is a tremendously busy work this domestic goddess. the kids gone doesn't mean totally relax. Just a quieter work. I am still at this temporary house but still I unpacked everything. I don't like living throught suitcases

leen - thanks. I am ok I guess. No MUCH complaints. Ask me last two weeks, I hate it. This routine work, it just gets to you. But I must say the kids antiques in a way help.

Nazrah said...

halu lolliepalooza!

i am so craving for some kinda warm souffle pudding and suddenly thought of you.

eh bila nak online lagi babe?

nyonya glenmarie said...

Uber - tanya nazrah. hehehe

to me it means 'Super' la

azer said...

..kalau online ym le yer.. kalau free bley sembang sembang.. my ym id aen147 ..okie dokie :) !!

Lollies said...

nazrah - betul gak tu. lama tak online ek?

nonya la mer - super it is then

azer - i just send you the contact id. heh heh

maklang said...

My cousin will be going there too, sometime in March. Abang dia dah gi in Dec '05.

I had a friend who went there on his own, wife & kids tinggal in Malaysia. He lasted for 6 months only and join the previous company semula. Dia kata banyak Hindu kat sana. Payah kerja. Anyway, hope yours will be a good one. Mana tahu one day I can visit that place. Selalu sangat orang mention pasal Doha!!

Lollies said...

mak lang - memang malang betul kalau kena kerja department yang banyak hindu. They are the worst breed kat sini. Seriously.