Friday, December 15, 2006

Home and Busy Already

It was a smooth trip back. Jack slept for 6 hours. He was up and chattering when we flew above Oman. The day was clear and bright with bob of clouds about. We looked out and saw the majestic mountain range of Oman. Breathtaking.

It was good to be home and everyone had so much to tell. Sya kept on saying she missed me lots. She said she misses nenek too.

But not a time to be snuggling the whole day though, we had high tea with the Malaysian Takraw team at Dr. Azhar's house. Of course the whole night, everyone was teasing both of us. Tanya lagi pulak to the kids, "Kena duduk luar rumah ke tadi? (Did your parents lock you outside?)" *Merah telinga*

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The Malaysian Takraw Team in the tiger stripes. All in the bus ready to go home.

Then without much plan, we all went to watch the squash game, featuring Nicole David, World Ranking No.1 - squash. We left the kids at Dr. Azhar's house. Everyone went in our car. Imagine 8 adults in the car all hype and ready to tease us, the newly married couple. And my lover, somehow, that night kept on making wrong turns. Ayoooo.

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We had tickets but couldn't get in for nearly an hour. We missed Nicole's game. Apparently those who had tickets, stayed for the whole game since morning. We manage to catch the man's game though. It was Malaysia against Malaysia. Ong Beng Hee against Azlan Iskandar. So not all is loss.

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I have never watched squash in my whole life. Now I know that they like to wipe their sweat on the glass doors. And it is a crowded room in the glass door as well. they kept knowcking each other. But then squash is made even more interesting especially when I get to watch Azlan. He was perspiring and kept on wiping his face with his shirt thus displaying his six packs. I immediately want to become a bimbo and throw thongs at him. Oh la la.

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Highlight of the moment was singing NEGARAKU and watch Malaysian flag raised.

Way to go Malaysian team.


Idham said...

welcome back goddess...


ah, an opportunity not to be missed
- getting involved with the Asian games supporting the malaysian contingents.

psst: so, anak2 kena dok luar rumah ka? ahaks.


Jill Yusoff said...

azlan is scrumptious! now, less anal, more banal. so, ko busy buat apa? *winks*

sare @ syah said...

dah selamat sampai rupanye. seronot la sya ngan haziq jumpa mama balik. hehe

Jill Yusoff said...

i came back to look at the gorgeous hunk in stripe and i have to agree that he does look like you-know-who with that smile :)

Anonymous said...

wah mami lollies bersama abg2 takraw. sakit otak tgk diorang main aritu lawan thailand. taktau la diorang rasa ke tak sakitnya. harapnya rasalah. supaya leh menang di kemudian hari.

p/s: welcome back.

KakNi said...

Hah?! Ko ada kat mesia ke hari tu?
Alamak, aku betul2 bz, tak sempat nak check blog. Well, nak buat camne.. next time lah kita jumpa, kalau ada jodoh.

Halley said...

Can't wait to meet the goddess and the lover this weekend. If you nak lock out the kids for a couple of hours, I can watch the children. Jangan bising sangat sudah, rumah I tak sound proof. :)

m.u.l.a.n said...

haa.. it's my turn tomorrow to leave my lover pulak. going back with the kids & dunno when he can join us. sabar ni, sabar je la..

rasa best gila kan bila depa naik kan bendera malaysia & main lagu negaraku. we had the same experience masa sea games here dulu. tapi sini tak boleh bawak bendera sbb ini negara k*m*n*s...
bawak banner company je la..