Sunday, December 17, 2006

Word Sunday : HOST

So Doha was the host for the 15th Asia Games. We the Malaysians in Doha, Qtar also was the host for the Malaysian team. Some hosted makan-makan or take them out shopping. But what better can we give them but to let them experience a bit about middle east life if not for a game at the sand dunes?

And that was exactly what we did. We went sand duning last Saturday.

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And these are the sand dunes we conquered. Not those little humpslahh, the one at the back.

Qtar is almost like an island. Thus most of the land is surrounded by sea. So here we have sand dune right next to the beach. So the kids get to play with the freezing water. The adults get to do what adults normally due when they find sand. Four wheel drive up the dune. Quad biking.

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The beach and the dune, Part of the convoy, I like that picture and Lover deflating the tyre before we set off in four wheel mode.

We had loads of fun albeit the rain. It drizzled then the sun peaked out and then drizzled again. But we managed to have good fun despite the cold. Pity the Malaysian team..most of them do not have their jackets on.

The main food was nasi lemak and sambal ikan bilis. I didn't know what to bring and finally decided on boiled tapioca and sweet dessicated coconut. It was such a hit particularly with the takraw boys. It was still the talk of town today. Ha ha ha. *sejuk hati makcik memasak*

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The kids.

Some of the mummies were angry at me for letting my kids play in the water. My kids in the water obviously induced other kids to the water too. Ha ha ha. That's the thing with me. I don't mind messiness. I don't mind the sand, the wetness. Seriously what are they suppose to do? Play cards? Board game in the openness? Thumbing gameboy?

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I couldn't take much of the photo when I am at the top of the sand dune. We were going so fast, the car was humping about. My camera went everywhere. These are the best I can take. Check out the tyre tracks on the sand.

One can get seriously lost driving in between the dunes. Everything looks the same. And when you go uphill, you cannot tell what its like on the other side. You have to honk, in case another vehicle comes from the other side and get in your pathway. Or you might find a 90 degree downhill slope. Errkksss

We rented two quad bikes. And we saw lots of Mat rempits in action particularly the takraw boys. But of course no one can match the locals with their stunt and speed.

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The last picture was me taking a picture while riding with lover.

I had great time even though I was drenched head to toe at the end of the day. The gloomy sky, the crying clouds only spoil the photos but not my mood. As you can see no blue sky in the pic.

Kak Lina asked me before I went off, "It's a great day isn't it?" . I replied with a big grin combing my wet hair, "Fabulous!"

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Don't bother looking for me. I am not in the picture.

More pics here


Kak Elle said...

wow great outings!!I bet you guys had a good time.

Lollies said...

kak elle - good time indeed

Mama Rock said...

lollies, welcome home! wah, balik2 terus get into action...err, whichever action la ya

Idham said...

wow owwwwww wow.....seriously fun!!
good for u guys in Doha....looked very united like that....!

psst- ur lover so ensemm maa....*tak kena ngorat ka?*

i hv lollies pictures...siapa nak, pls angkat tangan!

ermm..thinking, should I post your pic lollies? do i hv ur permission?



Lollies said...

mama rock - ha ha ha. kita mesti pantas..kalau tak rugiiii

idham - amat fun.

wei apa tanya-tanya? lu mau ngurat ke?

eh gambar apa? ayoooo

Jill Yusoff said...

'Host' reminds me of cerita-cerita alien yang menggunakan badan manusia as their host. My question is what shoes did you wear to the desert?

simah said...

seronok baca cerita u la..
tak boleh jumpa benda ni kat mesia..

hmmm u dah start tunjuk gambar lover... ada harapan tak u tunjukkan diri u one day? pleaseeeeeeeee..i am sure many many people r curious kan kan? :0)

Lollies said...

jill - i wore the sandal. i think its the most practical. thank god it was not freezing as it is today. yang pakai kasut takleh masuk air. astu pasir masuk kasut segala. and i look short in sneakers ok.

simah - ha ha ha. ala i tak fotogenik (maknanya i am prettier real life ha ha ha) but yet i look so buruk in photos

1 said...

wow bercanda di desert. eh petra abd ghani pun ade. wah hubby mummy lollies mcm hero filem la. travolta sungguh. seriyes sampai keliru, ingat gambar shooting movie.

MULAN said...

woooowweeeee... syoknya.. u boleh bukak travel agency sana la! ahaaa.. i ingat afdlin shauki tu!

Lollies said...

wan - itulah satu team ada. hensem jugak budak tu. he he he. pandai je awak macam movie.

mulan - memang syok. datanglah ke qatar ni. join kekawan awak tuuu

Anonymous said...

yazid makin boolaatt..

kau macane ek?

aie said...

atas tuh aku..