Sunday, December 03, 2006

Word Sunday : Milestone

Milestone : An important event in one's life path

I am back only for a short two weeks. Myself and little Jackos. My lover and my two kids are still in Doha, cheering the Malaysian squad.

For those of you who just recently become Lollies the not so domestic goddess cult followers, you might not know that I am currently on a one-year-unpaid leave from the company who sponsored my studies before. This is obviously so that I can dutifully follow my lover to Qatar. Now the one year is up. I applied for an extension, and as expected, was rejected. Thus the time has come to decide whether I would want to continue working, serve my bond but live apart from my lover. Him in Doha, me in KL. Or quit my work, pay up the contracts, lose the job I like but stay together as lovers and have great love life.

My milestone of life is this decision I am making.

I think the decision is obvious for me. But my dad and my inlaws are not happy. Very understandable especially after they saw us going through two years when lover was out of job.

I am sad too because my job has been my last cling to my individual self. Throughout my stay here, I sometime keep myself subconsciously apart from people knowing that I have a job still waiting for me.

Like today as I was walking around the Wetex Parade, the most happening "mall" in Muar, I was stopped by a salesman trying to coax me to take up an English course in some college. "Are you a surirumah or are you working?" "I am a surirumah" Gosh! I still find it hard to say that. I hope if you are a homemaker, you won't be offended, because that's not what I am trying to do. I like career life and that is the truth. I still find myself unorganised trying to organise a small house. I am a chaotic domestic goddess.

Regardless, I still think I am not ready to keep the family apart. I don't think I am emotionally independent. I don't like the bed cold either. Now that we are three days apart I am already having mood swings.

And last week, during dinner, Haziq said that I have the greatest job on earth. I corrected him and said that I am not working anymore. He replied and said that I am. "You are babysitting us," he said as he gobbled up his food.

Indeed. The greatest job on earth.

I would be in KL for one whole week and most likely will not be able to access the internet. I didn't have my Doha's phone so i do not have your number. Any problem? Call : 019-607 6840. You problems may or may not be entertained though.


anggerik merah said...

Yang, milestone in life is hard to make but once made never turn back...keep going no mater how difficult. To HIM we pray that our choice is the best for us.

I am sure you have made the right choice for yourself and family.

You take care!

Kak Elle said...

I agree with AM .. take care

k.d said... are one heck of a goddess. And upon hearing Haziq's comment, Insya-Allah it's the best decision.

Take care and will miss your entries..

Anonymous said...

i dont have a say. but i do know dat mummy lollies wud make the right and the best decision.

Jill Yusoff said...

whatever your decision, do it for YOU. the rest would just fall into place, things have a way of working itself out. If all else fails marilah kita membuka gerai menjual kuih keria dan apple tartlets.

sare @ syah said...

Lollies, just follow what your heart says and doa banyak2. InsyaAllah it'll be the right one :)

Jo Kontan said...

Good Luck !

But you need more than luck to make it happen.

All the Very Best.

dlt said...

All the best. Career vs family. I also ask the same Q to myself. I enjoy site work, but working at site meaning put the family apart. And after having a baby, gradually my joy of being with my family have shadowed the urge of working at site. Well, in life, we couldn't always get what we want. Sometimes we have to sacrifice something to get something else. And now for me, family is everything. Take care. And enjoy ur 'new career'.Itu career yg paling susah rasanya dalam dunia ni. *Hugs*

~ GAB ~ said...

Off-hand I'd say, keep the job. It's not that togetherness is not important but there'll be time you will make it up together again. After all being away has got its own bittersweet element(s) to be cherished. Now we are in our productive timeof our lives. Anyway, I am very sure you know it better for yourself.

Idham said...

Dear Lollies,

This is a letter from a friend who cares...A friend who has had the privildge of meeting you and your family. A friend who has seen and experience how wonderful Batrisya, Haziq and Jack2 are....

I am also a friend who has travelled quite a bit in this life's journey and has seen and done a few things; both mistakes and victories.

It will be easy for me to say do this or do that based on all that I think I know. The truth is is not easy.

However, as all friends should do....I will not give you my views but I will ask you a few questions:

- What are your own dreams?
The decision you make need to bring you closer to that dream.
- What are your dreams for your children?
In the same manner, your decision need to bring closer to this one too.
- What do you feel like doing every morning you wake up? And every night as you retire to bed?
Your decision need to enable you do just those things.

Life is about making choices. Choices is about making trade off...
Trade off is about "Redha" dengan whatever decision you will take...whole heartedly!

Best wishes from ur friend,

m.u.l.a.n said...

To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there - Kofi Annan ada cakap..

maklang said...


If I were in your place, I would babysit the kids. Never had the chance to babysit my kids long enough except during my confinement days. Took extra 3 months leave after Hakim was borned. That was the best part. But living in a small town like Kerteh, I could do both jobs -looking after the kids, do my cooking and pursue my career. Alhamdulillah.

Istikharah will be the best. May Allah help you in making the right decision and Insyaallah when both of you are back here, maybe then you could get a job....tapi bila nak balik Malaysia permanently??? Good luck, dek...

Mama Rock said...

urghh, tough one there! i quit my job when hubby moved to dubai...that was after a year he moved to dubai. a very difficult decision for me coz i loved my job...but i didnt regret my decision. you'll know what's best for you...just follow your heart dear.

Anonymous said...

lol, i would choose the family. rezeki kn ditentukan Tuhan. may be with in the future, akan dibuka pintu rezeki & you will have a more exciting job. have faith in Allah. if i were you, i would pursue other opportunities in Doha. a career does not mean an office job aja.

simah said...

what u r doing now is the greatest sacrifice of all..look at Queen of the house... she stopped working.. became a homemaker n then start again after years later.. why cant u?