Monday, February 12, 2007


Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThat's our faux pirate laugh. Our as in myself and the commitee of the ASS.

I had been very busy this past week. I had never, ever in my entire life organised a game event. Not anytime at all. And now, here I am, from scratch, organising a treasure hunt game (of sort) for the members of the ASS!

Man! I had the most fantabulous time.

The preparation.
Recceeing site.
Observing surroundings.
Cracking up questions. (Thanks to my lover we came up with excellent treasure hunt questions in MALAY!)
Calling up people to join.
Preparing packages.

But most of all, I take pride with the children's treasure hunt game that I prepared. Well, it is not that much lah. I know most of you can do better. But me being such a left side brainer, nothing creative run in my bones, I thought I did somewhat well.

I am such a jakun eh? Such a small teeny weeny thing, and here I am excited like a little girl with a new dress. But do excuse me for jumping about, anything like this is like a big do for me.

We seamed the adult's treasure hunt game with riddles and tasks to do. they had to count things, tie up knots and do magic trick. And also one of the questions is obviously done by me. It went.

"Bunga di antara kumbang-kumbang MAQ (Roses among the MAQ thorns)."

You see I am the only lady in the ASS (MAQ=ASS. ASS is a short form for association)). Har har har sungguh gila glamer aku ni.

For the kids I came up with a gila bodoh crossword puzzle. they need to break codes, find clues, solve maths questions and also solve a riddle haiku. The credit for the haiku, of course, must be given to Dory.

Cocoa makes is brown,
It's creamy, sweet, it's cruncy,
Spread, bite, drink, yummy

The answer is?

It took me some persuasion to coax the rest of the ASS to agree on the kids' game. They are so not interested in doing it. So tedious . I just wanted to do something for the kids, because I perasan bagus and also I think the kids need it. After the game, and I saw their enthusiasm, I am certain they need it.

I pity my chatting buddies. I don't seem to be able to talk about anything else except the treasure hunt.

sexy friend : Gentleman masuk hospital.
Me : Oh dear. Let's pray for him.
Eh! You wanna see this photo I will be using as a clue.
Can you guess what it is?

Singing friend : So I am packing and trying to sort out what to bring. Any tips.
Me : Well. I would bring you know ikan bilis, udang kering, cili kering
Eh can you help me with a word for the crossword puzzle?

moshjantan : Wei did you see my rain picture?
Me : Uhuh. Why?
moshjantan : Not bad eh? That one was my phone camera.
Me : Not bad. Eh you know I am trying to catch aeni. Eh! You've done treasure hunt before?

Like as if my life is the most important event of all. Shori mori you people.

Now the event is finished. I was so tired. Still am. But all I could remember was the people's happy faces. And I am still smiling.

I didn't get much photos because I was busy running about. Here are some though. Click this link for more

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MULAN said...

bravo!! well organized!! boley bukak event management co ni. outdoor & indoor pun. left side brainer?? no no lady!! u did great. glad u had the most fantabulous time.. what's next?

Mama Rock said...

wei! you've been busy while i was nursing myself....hahahah, it's good to be back and when i open my event mgmt company, i know which freelancer to call :)

Lollies said...

mulan - next ah? football match. i tak handle tu. tapik commitee kenalah juga hadir. after that family sports day. pastu food festival (yang ni i buat) then AGM then habiiisssss. yayyy

mama rock - eh mama ada cerita ke ni nak bukak company? hebat sekali

Kak Elle said...

lollies good job man:)if I need someone for such event I know who to look for....

Sunflora said...

Wow no wonder you've been so busy! Like Mulan said you can do event management after this.


Lollies said...

kak elle - allaaaa saya amateurish aje. the pros consultant segala tu soma sure gelakkan saya.

SF - eh betullah tu. sebok gila

Jill Yusoff said...

i can feel the excitement and see you smiling writing the post. but cepat, cepat pergi recharge, aku rindu sama mu.

k.d said...

Waahh...bravo! Well done. Exciting yek, something to do beside the routine things kan.

Sibuknye dia kat Doha tu..orang kuat ye..

maklang said...

lepas ni jadi party planner pulak...macam kat TV tu...

~ahni~ said...

Bravo Lollies, sekarang ni dah jadi event manager, and all sort of events pulak tuh!

*Gelak besag* Har Har Har

Lollies said...

jill - mana ko malam semalam? sonyap je

k.d. - taklah kuat. sikit-sikit aje

mak lang - kalau kena bayar saya ni..habis terus. tak pro langsung

ahni - har har har

No Angel said...

wah hot mama..dah jadi dah treasure hunt kau tuh. Sounds like a very successful event. Congrats! I bet it is an event worth a lifetime remembering for the kids and their sentences would start with.."remember when we took part in the treasure hunt organised by auntie lollies?.."

p/s: kesian moshie

simah said...

caya la.. lollies.. lepas ni bole la pakai name tag.. i am *super lollies*.. :0)

anak anak u masuk tak treasure hunt tu?

idham said...

:) syabas lolies....happy to see semua usha dan sakit kepala u berbaloi....dengan success nya treasure hunt ASS MaQ tu...:)
but then again i never once doubted ur capability laa...


bila nak sembang2 YM lagi nie??



goboklama said...

salam..congrats! Camne agaknya debaran yg.melanda sebelum tu? Kalau sy,eeiisshh..tak taulah..

Lollies said...

demon - har har har. entah apa-apalah treasure hunt aku itu. dahlah tak pernah participate tetiba nak organise. gilo apa aku ni

simah- anak i masuk. tu dalam gambo tgh lari-lari tu

idham - sembang? hi ada org tu type satu dua tiga line pastu hilang. banyak distraction lah tu.

gobok - saya adalah sorang yang gila kuasa. har har har

~ GAB ~ said...

Next time I know where to get the advice from when I am organizing treasure hunt. weheheh

Good job Lollies!