Thursday, February 01, 2007

So I had fever

I had a terrible fever yesterday. Woke up at my usual 530 a.m. time with a throbbing head and aching joints. Not to mention blocked nose and tight chest. I so feel like I want to sleep my head off under the warm duvet. But alas a domestic goddess had to prepare breakfast for the school going cherubic. Haziq had requested tuna sandwich.

I couldn't even stand up to cut up the cucumber and what not. Had to get the chopping board on the table.

Oh the head! The head! The joints! The joints! The pain throbs like a non stop hammer all over me.

I finally said to lover, I don't think I can send the kids to school. Can you instead? I have meeting this morning, he said. Oh yeah..I know. Busy busy. And plus his work is like one hour drive from Doha anyway.

I was already shivering by then. Everything is cold cold!

Oh the head! The head! The joints! The joints! Shiver! Shiver!

Lover send the kids to school anyway. I know he cannot resist my pouts. And I went straight to bed and curled up like a boiled prawn. Had to wake up later anyway for Zachary was up and about. Aahhh he needs his breakfast, his bath, his blues clues, his power rangers. I couldn't stand this any longer and popped panadol and slurp amedramine however you spell it. Drowsy drowsy. Neeeddd sleeeeeeeeep.

I called lover and pleaded him to fetch the kids. Now that would be hard. I know I know. Busy busy. Work far from home. Meeting meeting. Work work.

He called back later and said that he would fetch Haziq since Haziq finished class late but I still need to fetch Sya. He wouldn't make it on time. I said OK but I am not cooking lunch today. I will tapau lunch, he said. Nasi Briyani again. I really hate tapau here. Not much choice. I want koay teow goreng with udang besar besar.

So I slept again and set the alarm clock which didnt turn for I set the am pm wrong. But woke up anyway. I don't think I slept well. Woke up like every 5 minutes.

Dragged myself to the car. Talked to jack Jack and wish he can drive instead. Pulled the seat belt and ouch it hurts. No parking at Sya's school. Had to park really faaaaarrrrrrrr. Had to take a looongggggg walk.

Oh the head! The head! The joints! The joints! Shiver! Shiver! Move muscles move!

Got to the playground where she would play with the swings while waiting for me. She was not there.

Walk further to the shade where there are benches where sometimes she would sit down and do her homework (WHAT??) She was not there either.

She must be in the office said Miss Laura, her teacher. Yeah she likes to feel important sometimes, I said. AND SHE WAS NOT THERE EITHER!

Oh the head! The head! The joints! The joints! Shiver! Shiver! Move muscles move!

I know I should panic. But I did not. You know why? Because I didn't see her friend Zoe either. There was this one time my car battery went flat on me when I was about to pick the kids up. I had to ask Ms Amel (Zoe's mum) to pick her up and Ms. Shim to pick Haziq up. I reckoned, out of worrying that I was not able to drive, Sya went home with Zoe. I also believe that she is just creating a reason to go to Zoe's house.

OK. OK. Relax. Go back to the car. Get my handphone. To call Ms. Amel and confirm it. Walk back! Walk back! Jack repeatedly ask, "Mana kakak? Mana kakak?"

Oh the head! The head! The joints! The joints! Shiver! Shiver! Not panic! Not panic!

Got to the car. Frantically searched the handbag three times. I left the phone at home. Buueeehhhhhh!

Walked back to the office. Oh what a long walk it was. Decided to use the stroller for Jack. Oh the stroller has put on weight that day. It was so heavy! About to search for Ms. Amel's number when she called the office asking if I was there. So she confirmed that Sya was at her house. The principal and the teacher were relieved.

Now had to drive to Ms. Amel's house. Agghh so many roundabouts.

Oh the head! The head! The joints! The joints! Shiver! Shiver! Focus! Focus!

I missed a junction to her house. Why? Why? And was cursing myself for it. Finally got to he house, Sya was playing with Zoe. Both of them had a tiara on their pretty heads. Chat a bit with Ms. Amel.

Went home and went straight to bed wearing a shirt, jumper, leather jacket zipped up, flat sheet, comforter and a fleece blanket. And it was still cold.

I was so sick, I didn't have the energy to be angry.

Sya kept coming to me ever so often. Ibu Jack wants to eat coco pops. Ibu Jack wants to eat milo. Ibu this. Ibu that. I said ok to everything.

Lover came home and screamed who had been eating milo on the carpet.

All I wanted was sleep.

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Anonymous said...

But you have the energy to blog about it, my dear??

Lollies said...

yeah because i had fever yesterday. this entry was typed today. kapish?

MULAN said...

u r one super lady.. sakit2 pun boleh update blog!! bravo!! kalau dekat, i boleh tolong hantarkan haziq & sya pi sekolah. kesian nya u.. takde kawan lain dekat2 situ ke? takkan depa tak leh tolong...

Lollies said...

mulan - laaa i demam semalamlah. semalam. yesterday. i blog ari ni. dah baik dah. ada kengkawan tapi malaslah nak susahkan orang. itu ms amel tu yg selalu tolong i pun

1 said...

get well soon mummy, or may i say get fully well. heheh. cute sungguh batrisya, leh jadi model kellog frosties!

jill said...

aaa..apa masalah ko again? i got distracted by looking at sya. senyuman itusss dengan rambut lebat menawan. adussss.

Miss Anis said...

i wish thee well sister lollies!! hail!

Lollies said...

wan - kellog frosties? heh heh pandai je awak ya wan

jill - aku jua mau rambutnya

anis - thank you to thee

Kak Elle said...

Glad you are feeling better...yes I understand how you felt esp when there's fever the whole world is down with you.Cheer up and take what happen to the carpet?lover clean up ke?...hehe

~ GAB ~ said...

Cian Lollies... sakit. I hope by the time I type this, you are doing fine.

You'd better find time to rest... you may need a few days to recuperate.

Lollies said...

kak elle - heh hehe loverlah clean up sambil bebel bebel.

gab - i am still coughing badly. samai cramp perut. i think u r right. makin tua ni kalau demam lambat baiklah.. uhuk uhuk. itu bunyi batuk bukan tersedak sebab kata tua.

atiza said...

so..since dah baik..dah jadik full time domestic goddess balik?

rina jordan said...

Alhamdulillah you are ok now.

Memang kita housewives ni kalau sakit habis semua 'jammed' dibuatnya.

Nice blog u have , luv reading it..

Anonymous said...

Hope you recovered by now!..Me getting better..loads of exercise to fight the acking body.

Sya so lovely..

Take care

Anggerik M

Lollies said...

aie - demam pun aku masih lagi fulltime domestic goddess. tak ada rehat ini jawatan

rina jordan - hi there. welkam welkam. marilah minum air mango lassi yang i buat ini.

AM - exercise lagi. sungguh amat rajin. ni dah jadi domestic goddess nak exercise pun tak sempat. makin gumuklah aku